My perfumery, as art, weaves joyous tales of the light, of all that is right in my world. The TRNP collection is a celebration of life in all its luscious beauty. The scent-poetry of my natural perfume speaks to love, touches the endless great mystery of being, and ultimately, acknowledges the profundity of our indivisible relationship with nature. Winter on the Goat Track 3

Conversely, my writing and my visual art are creative expressions of the shadow. These works question and challenge the proliferation of bitter seeds that are sown when humans disconnect from each other, when we stop caring about each other, when we step away from nature and lose courage and heart. In combination, my creative expressions are tiny mirrors of the bittersweet journey of life in all its many hues of light and shade.

As an independent perfumer, my motivation to compose natural perfume has been entirely shaped by an intense fascination with classic masterpieces of exemplary French perfume. I simply set out to discover if – and how – I could craft a luxurious collection of luminous wonders within the constraints of a totally natural palette.

Earl-GreyEach batch of perfume is produced in limited quantities (1.5 – 5 litres) due to the very high cost and limited availability of many botanical perfumery ingredients. In addition, the ethos of my art is centred in creating fine fragrances that resonate with individuals and are not produced for the mass-market.


The artisanal blending of fragrant wonders such as pure essential oils and absolutes harvested from Rose, Jasmine, Lotus, Sandalwood, Patchouli, Frankincense, Oud and Vetiver is an ancient and mysterious art that has always fascinated me. Nothing that I make is fruity-fresh pop or sugary, powder-puff. My haute perfumes are intense. Each fragrance reflects exceptional value as it is exclusively hand-made using very generous amounts of rare and costly ingredients; apparent in the longevity and sillage.

Each brew is also defined by harvest conditions which can produce spectacular yields of incredible material in one year and subsequently suffer from adverse weather conditions in following years. That’s nature… ever-changing and infinitely moody.


Written works sometimes included on this blog offer some philosophical context to the background of my natural perfume creations.

Windows to the #soul. Messages through the #mist. #Harmonies from the subtle regions. #Visions of the #sacred dance of time. #Loveletters from the floating playgrounds of our dreams. #Perfume by #NatureTRNP on Instagram


The most significant difference in choosing between an eau de parfum and an oil parfum is simple. Eau de parfums frequently elicit the question ‘what perfume are you wearing?’ whereas my Touch to Anoint oil parfums attract the observation ‘You smell incredible’.

You do. #itsallaboutyou

my house of light

House of Light. Drawn by my dear and departed friend, Alan Mack ©2000