Salon or Sauna?

We don’t have air conditioning. Our house is ridiculously hot, but we reckon it’s probably better for us in the long run to try and work with nature than to burn through the biosphere at a rate of knots. Nonetheless, it’s a very hot house and it takes some getting used to the Brisbane funk.

Two gorgeous young ladies from Japan visited me today to buy some fragrances to take home to Tokyo in a few days. We were all politely sweltering in the lounge-room, so I brought out my treasured collection of Balinese fans. I have 50 or more bamboo fans covered with batik and I use them to show my fragrances in the salon (lounge-room). I spray the fan, wave it a few times and then offer it to my guest to smell. It’s a beautiful ritual and we had so much fun.

Yuki and Kana

My visitors sniffed a vast number of perfumes, and I truly admired their fortitude and etiquette to soldier on. I really loved hearing their unique expressions in response to sniffing so many fragrances… it was delightful! So many non-words burst forth, guttural ‘woooaaahhhs’ and high pitched squeals and even growls. It was divine.

Kana on back deck

They chose 3 each – Yuki chose Ritual, Bodhi and Tea Rose Mimosa, and Kana chose Lyonesse, LiLi and Dragonboat. We sipped Longjing tea from my hand-thrown tea cups and it was truly like stepping back in time. The humidity, the colours and aromas and the unique chance to play ladies in the perfume parlour with 2 gorgeous Japanese guests left a delightful impression that will last a very long time.