Haiku 10mls

It’s my first new blog giveaway and I’m offering a luxurious collector’s set of 7 x 10ml spray atomisers containing 5 new eau de parfums and 2 recently reformulated fragrances:

  1. Ambrosia – golden floral elixir
  2. Chopin – jasmine iris chypre
  3. Lemongrass – stupendous cologne
  4. Light – nectar of bliss
  5. Mary Jane – green floral chypre
  6. Rococo – spicy white floral & vanilla oriental
  7. Rosalie – rose perfection

To read more about the fragrances – please visit my website where you’ll find them  located in Eau de Parfums and Limited Edition (under Artisan).

To enter – please like the post and leave a comment below on why you think human beings love perfume. This giveaway is for Australian residents only.

The winner will be selected on 31st January for the most compelling comment. I really want to know why we love (and often need) to wear fragrance.

TOTAL VALUE of giveaway is $420.

An affiliated giveaway is also happening – thanks to Portia Turbo at the Australian Perfume Junkies blog.




26 thoughts on “GIVEAWAYS

  1. I wear perfume because I frequently feel nervous or anxious, and having an invisible cloak of harmonious aromas affords me a personal sanctuary of control and safety. I feel protected and soothed by natural fragrances. If I wear commercial fragrance, it offers me a fantasy catwalk of glamour or prestige as per the perceived brand or product association – eg Chanel perfumes conjure wealth and luxury whereas Guerlain fragrances are synonymous with chic, French style. I just feel as if my identity is more properly clothed and sealed against the rigors of unpredictable social interactions if I’m emanating and projecting a pleasing scent.

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  2. I wear fragrance for my own pleasure. I wear what I enjoy. I no longer follow trends, or what has been voted as best by the general public. I ignore seasons, and notes I should love but don’t. I live in my skin, and I want to smell like me. I know what I love and what smells right to me. My moods dictate my perfume choices for the day. I keep my perfume close – only to be shared with someone I’m willing to hug or snuggle. I have expanded my fragrance world far beyond the boundaries of last year me. I have learned so much about the artistry and love that goes into a beautiful scent – the layers, the combination of notes. Perfume is part of what defines us, and part of what protects us. I cannot walk out the door without fragrance – I feel naked and vulnerable. Whether it’s an old classic that strengthens with memories, or a new beauty that makes me feel innovative, it is a large part of the me that I project to others.

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  3. I think human beings enjoy perfume for the same reason we enjoy most art forms, they create a unique sensory experience that achieves something greater than the sum of its parts. I think smell is our most primal sense, and a great perfume can open a channel to our deepest ancestral memories. On the other hand, perfume is a great way to express yourself and play with the construction of your identity.

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  4. I do not want to be entered in this. I am only wanting to add my 2c worth.

    I wear perfume to stay grounded. I live in my head, or, basically, another planet, so having a scent I can give qualities to helps me to feel of this world. It is incredibly hard to explain, but it is sort of like drifting off to sleep, with one ear or eye open to remain semi conscious. The sound of something shifting in the wind, or the light being distrupted by a moth shuttles you back to reality. Perfume is my link to staying here. Albeit, a pleasurable link!

    It also aids me in identifying how I feel. I have little grasp on emotions and I cannot immediately understand my emotional state. I give qualities to each perfume, and by wanting to wear it, I can externally understand what I’m feeling. For instance, if I reach for Paloma Picasso, I know I am feeling in charge and comfortable being a fully fledged woman. If I need a hug and I’m feeling vulnerable, I’ll douse myself in Teone’s Embers.

    I rarely wear perfumes because they smell good. They serve a purpose, much like a guide dog serves a blind person.

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    • Wow. I love that you use perfume as a life-tool. What a concrete purpose – reminds me of a book Like Colour to the Blind by Donna Williams. She needed special colour-calibrated glasses to enable her to see whole pictures. Without the glasses, her ability to comprehend what she saw was fragmented, and she would often fixate on bright lights and become stuck staring. Really enjoyed ‘the sound of something shifting in the wind, or the light being disrupted by a moth shuttles you back to reality. Perfume is my link to staying here.’ Beautiful and powerful. Thank you

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  5. We can choose to look, touch, taste – or not.
    But we have no choice in being effected by sounds or scents. They are physical sensations created by particles moving in space that change us, like the beating of butterfly wings, forever. Luckily we can choose the sounds and smells by which we want to be changed.

    My two favourite things – beautiful music and beautiful perfumes.

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  6. Fragrance is the essence of life. There is a living connection between the world we see or remember and the world that fragrance inspires. From an early age we cannot resist the aura of an open flower, nose pressed against those plump petals transported to an enchanted realm by their perfume. As our sense of smell guides us through our days and nights, from coffee brew to compost bin, or we catch the whiff of approaching rain ripe with gathered sweetness, the myriad scents we encounter can change a mood as fast as changing one’s mind. So, while the wok fires up garlic, ginger and cardamom, we might dream of a bottled bouquet to select for evening’s embrace. Fragrance seduces us as it weaves through our lives. We need it, because if we choose wisely it frees us to bloom, to become the mystery we seek.

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  7. An important event can become a treasured memory, just as the spontaneous joys of life stick with us for a lifetime. Our sense of smell is one of the most powerful connections we have to memories, and a beautiful classic scent goes well with our best moments in time, as we can reconnect when we smell that scent again.

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    • Thank you for your contribution to the tapestry. You’re right about the scent taking us back to treasured memories. Sometimes they are unexpected events like a chance encounter that turns into a beautiful moment in time.


  8. A few years ago, I was thinking about concepts for an art project, and was intrigued by the idea of physically capturing memories in bottles. It seemed such a comforting idea to be able to catch the essence of happy times, to be able to go to a shelf years later, open a bottle, and for a moment be enveloped in the same emotion. In researching this idea, I thought about scent (the scent of my grandmother’s camphor wood box, for example) and of course one interpretation of this idea is tied to perfumery.
    Just recently, I tried a scent that I haven’t smelt for years, and immediately I was transported back to my early twenties. Such a powerful conduit.
    So apart from the joy of pairing scent to mood, and as a compelling means of self expression, perfume also has a much more evocative and emotional quality that holds such importance to me.

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  9. I wear purfume for deep nostalgia and emotional expression. I wear it to create a bubble around myself, a world where my emotions can freely flow in a contained space. If it affects others then they are invited in a bit. Frangrance is a very powerful medicine for the mind and soul and when you know how to use it, and you have a practitioner like Teone, you can enhance good moments, escape bad ones, travel back to better ones, or travel forward to mysterious ones yet to happen. Good fragrance is a gift to yourself and those in your space. I wear your purfumes all day and even in bed. It is the olfactory soundtrack to my life.

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  10. Firstly, I’m so very excited to find you! I love discovering wonderful Australian natural perfumers!!

    Gosh I wear perfume for so many reasons. I wear perfume because it is a constant and glorious reminder that there is always beauty in the world, no matter how dull life may seem. I love that I can carry my favourite flowers, grasses, resins or leaves (etc) in a little bottle and on my skin. I love having the power to lift and alter my emotion through scent. I love that wearing scents can evoke aromatic memories (damp earthy notes take me straight back to the farm where I grew up, especially at dusk during winter and scent the cool, wet plowed soil was on the wind). I love wearing perfumes because it’s a blissful ritual that is just for me and absolutely no one else.

    Thanks so much for the extremely generous giveaway! 🙂 xo

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  11. I’ve only recently found out about your perfumes – by a happy coincidence. I was delighted to find out your are based in Australia too. Thank you for the opportunity to win a sample of your intriguing perfumes.
    There are so many reasons to love perfume but for me the primary reason is how it can connect us with a loved one long gone or a place or moment in time. Powdery fragrances take me back to my Grandma’s dresser – applying matte ruby red lipstick & costume jewellery. Sparkling and bubbly aldehydes are the smell of my Mum’s hugs and a beautiful green, oakmossy chypre conjures my beloved and elegant Godmother every time. Resinous and piney evokes my time in the Pacific NorthWest. Incense of my Catholic upbringing. Tuberose and indolic Jasmine of tropical getaways. A direct & powerful connection to memory.
    I totally agree with HJ Simpson above too that perfume is a ‘glorious reminder that there is beauty in the world’.

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  12. I believe human beings are compelled to seek beautiful scents for a deep connection to ourselves and nature. We have an innate, profound need for beauty and the truth of ourselves, and the fragrances of nature directly and deeply affect our subconscious brains. We are all on a search for our true selves, our unique identities, and perfumery is the most complex, personal and abstract of art forms, directly harnessing the gifts of nature in this search. When a perfume ‘speaks’ to you as being somehow ‘you’, you feel closer to an expression of your identity and truth. Not a mere liking for a scent, but a pure depth of acceptance and love for the self.


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