The Great Conflation

One upon a time I joined some perfume discussion forums and I learned a lot. The first were a couple of natural perfume forums being driven by a gorgon from the upper Nile. Sheesh and bye…

Then I joined some forums for perfumistas and fragrance fans. There were some wonderfully witty and provocative humans on there, and rush-hour was fascinating. The drivers of the forum were larger-than-life personalities who kept things simmering along nicely with oodles of social charm and fragrance know-how. Yet… visiting the forums often left me feeling really uncomfortable. The discomfort morphed into feelings of anger and disgust and I couldn’t put my finger on why exactly. My engagement with others was often really enjoyable and I found some soul sisters in the process. So why did I react so badly to reading some of the forum posts? I couldn’t figure it and, and so I left and soldiered on, forumlessly.

Six months later I have finally come to understand what went wrong for me. The rise of the ‘influencer’.

There are those that just love perfume with a passion. They love nothing better than to wear it, buy it, think about it, talk to others about myriad nuances and impressions emanating from the fragrance/s and to swap some of this for some of that. Some of those perfume lovers write great reviews and create blogs and videos of their reviews because… they really know a lot about perfume and they’re really good at it.

Some people (effortlessly found on youtube, instagram and perfume forums) are playing a grubby little game of wealth porn. You can recognise it by the influencer mantras:-

‘Look at how much stuff I’ve got’

‘Look at how much money I spent’

‘How sexy am I?’

‘Look at me in my brand new designer stuff, rakishly posed in luxury locations, buying more niche perfume.’

‘And wait.. there’s more, have you seen me in front of my red car?’

and more and more and more… ad nauseum.

It’s not a love affair with perfume going on. It’s something ugly and despicable. Why Teone? Why shouldn’t people have lots of money and go shopping in chez Bijan ou Bourdon? Nice people have lots of moolah too.

My answer is simple. Those that truly have the means to buy whatever they bloody well want DON’T obsessively skite about it. They don’t need to. In fact, they generally don’t want others knowing when or where they shop, or what label they are wearing. Exclusivity is not about ‘Hey y’all, come on down and we’ll all snag a matching set of Imperial Majestyz… oh, you can only afford Amouage? Shame…LOL’

The ugly factor (only in my twisted opinion) is all about influencer acts that deliberately seek to arouse feelings of envy and jealousy and sadness in order to drive sales. It’s typically sponsored by brands that supply money and/or products that they want the influencers to peddle…. push push push -> ‘Join all the forums, get on youtube/twitter/facebook/instagram et al and mingle. Then there are those that jump ship from just really loving perfume, because now they see a way to make a buck… I’ll become the next hot-stuff influencer and rule the world.

The influence fad is a destructive and toxic feature of the great postmodern trash-celebrity experiment that has so sadly culminated in Kardashianism. People feeling less-than because Nevilleen has so much more. This tacky trend has taken hold in those that have some degree of wealth, but not really. Not in the serious money department. Not in any proper, world-changing, problem-solving, philanthropic foundation sorta way. Just in a ‘Look what I got’ (pokes tongue out at the other kids) kinda way. Would-bees… bzz bzz bzzz

How to win friends and influence people? Be real.

That feels better.


A family in Nizamuddin Basti (Delhi). The gorgeous young woman in front is studying for her upcoming exam to gain entry to university. There is no furniture or electricity in this shelter so she can only study if she sits in the light-filled doorway of a tiny room she shares with her mother, sister and baby brother. The person sleeping behind her is lying on bare concrete. It’s Winter. The incredible wealth here is palpable. Love, human spirit and the bright light of women learning in order to change the world. No Chanel apparent. – Photo TR 2012 ©


Mischa Reinthal@TRNP

Please meet the new face of TRNP – Mischa Reinthal.

Mischa is an artist in his own right – musician, actor, costume designer and writer, but over the last few years he has become increasingly involved with many of the creative processes at TRNP – from modeling for most of the promos, testing/advising/challenging me on many of the fragrances, all the way to packing orders and washing endless beakers.

It’s inevitable that he should step in as the face of the brand… he’s got that kind of face.

Many many thanks also to four gorgeous young women for their own modeling: Taylor Davidson, Cora Brouard, Shay Ledingham and Leni Lamanovska. Infinite gratitude to Steve and Phoebe Reinthal for all of their amazing support, love, creative input and endless patience in being dragged around fragrance counters, being perfume tester bunnies and consultants on all of it.



Rubber Gloves

For such a long time I was under the impression that I’d really love to own a house. A grand house. A spacious, beautifully furnished and luxuriously appointed chateau in which to swan around and… what? Swan around and.. what? Clean? Fret? Take instagram photos and gloat? Entertain? Rearrange? Good lord, this grand house project is so demanding. I don’t know if I’ll have enough time to make those messy incense and perfume things any more… Maybe the new antique bonsai collection needs more direct sunlight? How do you clean a Travertine marble spa? I can’t understand how to program all these alien technology timers and I keep losing the remote for the house ambience controller. I’ve forgotten my PIN to access the perfume lab.

“HEY…. there’s a mark here on the sofa/shower-screen/wall/bench-top/skirting etc etc”

One day, not very long ago, I fell into a deep reverie. In my waking dream, I imagined a small, gated and cobbled courtyard at the back of a lane-way. The lane itself was nondescript, even a little bit shabby. I was drawn to the downstairs portion of a two-story building at the back of the courtyard. It was an old, weathered, but solidly built stone building. Could have been in Spain, France, Melbourne?

The building’s doors and windows were sturdy wood and some of the paint was peeling. I opened a door and entered a lovely room. I saw a slightly worn (but still beautiful) Persian rug, some plump, lived in lounge-chairs and some well-stocked book cases. A few paintings were on the walls and a vase on the table contained a gorgeous bouquet of flowers.

The most startling impact inside my imagined room was made by the light. It streamed in on an angle that saturated the whole room in glorious shafts of golden sunlight that caused each and every item in the room to glow in vivid colour. From the exterior of the building there was no hint at all of the warmth and the loveliness within. Nothing that inspired anyone to seek entry, nothing to suggest splendour, comfort or the sheer luxury within. The luxury was absolutely about the room’s relationship to the light.

The feeling of being in that room was whole. It was so right. It felt like home to me.

My realisation is very freeing. I don’t need a big house. I’m content to inhabit a radiantly small space in real life. I don’t have time to entertain or fret about furniture, I’m enraptured by learning all that I can in the glorious light, drawing comfort from the small spaces I have filled with sensory delights and love. I reject being owned by property, branded by someone else’s idea of elitism. I don’t want a brand new ute. Instead, I choose to inhabit my life with creative meaning and honesty and love.

As a brand, TRNP is a tiny house. An obscure, tucked-away meditation on golden light and the exquisite inner beauty of real life.




photo – New Delhi, TR ©2005

Vendage (not bondage)…

I’ve been tinkering again. In the last 6 months I’ve been climbing a steep learning curve about blending. I’d decided, mid last year to stop rushing around exploring new territories via endless compositions of more and more fragrances, and to focus my creative energies on finessing my entire product line. That frenzied make-more phase, I’ve since discovered, was triggered by a rapid increase in demand, which meant I was constantly scurrying to please and supply, and just not taking enough time to trust my own aesthetic sense of creative direction. I deeply appreciated the sudden increase in sales, as it enabled me to learn so much about how to proceed, and of course, how not to.

So, I began to rectify a few formulas that had initially pleased me, but left room for improvement. Some blends I now realise were sketches that I now felt needed a little more sharpness or sweetness or more airy lift to them. This is the feature of being an artisan making hand-blended small batch perfume. There’s always opportunity for refinement.

And refinement is to be expected, as any maker gains experience, their skills increase and their understanding of problem-solving expands.

So, almost every sale that has happened in the last few months has afforded me the opportunity to tweak quite a few formulas as well as to compose additional batches of fragrances that had run short. I also composed just a few new fragrances (not many) for my own creative enjoyment.

beaker and flacon

I know that many people become very attached to their favourites, and may not agree with me that X needs more blue lotus or more myrrh… they love it just the way it is. So I am keeping 500mls of my original stock in the cool room for those that insist on staying true to their loves. Some fragrances have completely run out and I have decided not to repeat them. That decision rests on the fact that some particular fragrances existed because of an extraordinary batch of raw materials that have since proven to be so different (or unavailable) as to be unable to produce that fragrance in a satisfying way.

I’m working hard to consolidate and refine my entire collection into what I believe is the penultimate version of each and every fragrance and in far larger quantities – so that an incredible choir of fragrances stands in concert, where each and every singer has a powerful voice and absolutely sings in tune. Pitch perfect perfume.

I have added Batch number notifications on my website which also lists any additional notes or formula quantities that have been altered. That way people can contact me and request the exact same batch as the one they have and know so well. Or try the refined version.

I know from experience that many mainstream fragrances have changed and been degraded over time, losing key ingredients, losing longevity or potency. This is largely driven by accounts departments wanting to cut costs. It can be devastating to lose such an intimate companion on our life pathways, where our precious memories are made.

I promise faithfully, that never is a TRNP reformulation less-than. I have not decreased quantities of anything. I have increased the content of some of the more expensive ingredients. So, if the fragrance batch says altered formula, it means I’ve added more Mysore sandalwood or more Taif rose or more Tuberose to really feature that ingredient in the way I always really wanted it to shine. I have listed that change in the product descriptions on my website.

Lastly, I just want to add that natural fragrances, over a period of time, mature and become stronger. The maceration process is an ongoing phase of evolution, as is experienced in fine wines, fortified wines and aged liquors. Certain notes may become more dominant or conversely, be overshadowed by the deeper base notes that take charge over time. At key stages of a fragrance’s development, I’m able to say – it’s time to add more jasmine to lift and sweeten the blend, as the chypre base has really deepened. This is the beauty of making artisan fragrances. The artistry evolves with the fragrance.

Please feel free to contact me at any time to discuss your fragrance choice. I love the opportunity to advise my patrons on the vintage that best suits their needs.


*vendage is old French for vintage

Screen shot 2018-03-08 at 12.08.00 AM



Intoxication and Madness

Sometimes the gloves come off. We just need them to. We simply can’t hold our tongues any longer and so we bust down the doors of nicety and etiquette via a few too many single malts or a wibbly wobbly breakdown and we let loose. To hell with it all…

A beautiful friend has sent me a vast library of fragrances to smell over the last year(ish). Having invested every single brass razoo into TRNP for several years, my days of buying other people’s perfume are long gone. I don’t go sniffing around any more because I wanted to stay clear of what other people are doing while I was in the middle of a creative process. I don’t like to be influenced by the works of others when composing. So my meagre collection of purchased pa-foon consists of oldies but goodies and some gorgeous gifts from the dear-hearts in my life.

But lately I have been on a bender. I am covered with little sppssts and dabs of other cordials made by other noses, and I swear I can hardly recognise my world right now. Excuse me, which way is the front door?

Currently my left arm is occupied by several fragrances from Atelier des Ors and my right arm is a backpacker hostel for members of Teo Cabanel’s tribe. By-passers are shuddering. But I have a salty ol’ nose and I can make my way through the marvelous maelstrom. In fact, it’s a really useful way of discerning certain themes in a perfumer’s work by allocating one whole limb as prime real estate for their wares en masse.

In the last 30 hours I’ve tested around 40 different fragrances created by other houses. Some very high-brow and some less so. At the moment I’m most taken with a couple of works by Bertrand Duchaufour and Jean-Claude Elena. Specifically Timbuktu and Brin de Relisse. Masterful tales of the truth. These fragrances are… well, what they are not is stuff that chicks spray all over themselves in the Ladies room of the nightclub as they check to see if their false eyelashes are still attached and that their tan isn’t running. Oops… that hair extension is coming loose again. Ooh, did you see that guy over there with Jeharsha? He’s totally hot, …Fsssst ..Fsssst ..Fssst Fsssssst …Fsssst… oh, what the hell …Fssssssst.

No, I’d say Timbuktu and Brin de Relisse probs don’t get Fssssssssst’d around too much at all. Duchaufour and Elena create works of art. Scented pathways into lives and journeys and memories. If anyone’s interested to read more, I’ve added in lots of new fragrance reviews in the section above titled…. Reviews written by Teone

Well, what about the gloves, kiddo?

OK… Here’s the point. Having stayed some distance away from commercial perfume for a number of years, I’m no longer culturally attenuated to detect the subtle nuances that separate House A Product from House B Product, and on reentering the big top tent, I’m a little troubled by the savage homogenisation of fine fragrances into such a limited palette of so many recognisable components. I keep finding the same aromachemical bases that deliver minimal variations on this season’s trend.

Yesterday I wandered through the perfume section of David Jones and stopped at the Chanel portal to smell Mademoiselle Intense. The sales assistant condescended to inform me that it contained flowers and vanilla. I sniffed.

Oh, I said, pink Coco Noir.

Oh no, she said… that has patchouli in it.

And this doesn’t? (eyebrows disappearing into my scalp)

No, as I just mentioned, this has flowers and vanilla.

the Christmas ring

There is a stupifyingly harsh and ugly grunge odour that seems to be so much in vogue in boysy niche fragrances. I don’t know what that compound is called or how it deviates (slightly) from one house to the house next door. BUT! I recognise that there are cheap and expensive versions of it everywhere. People are paying huge amounts of money and wearing the stuff because Ahhh, it’s so very woody, so leathery, it’s oudy or ambery. I hazard a guess that it has no biological connection to anything that ever grew, moo’ed, or mildewed. It’s just tacky swindle juice. Ditto so many roses. Cheap toilet aerosol spray.

Then I remembered… it’s just the perfume industry. We like to cluster by scent-bundling.

Orientals fad: Youth Dew, Opium, Cinnabar, Ysatis, Coco, Obsession, Samsara, Poison etc

Shoulder-pad fad: Giorgio, Tresor, Byzance, Chloe, 24 Faubourg, Amarige etc

Mod fad: Miss Dior, Zen, Givenchy III, Vol de Nuit, Chanel 19, Diorella, Sikkim, Aromatics

Hats and gloves: Chanel no 5, Chant d’Aromes, Arpege, Caleche, L’Air, First etc etc etc

My updated department store field research findings have also enabled me to catch up on what’s hot in the current climate of big business perfume marketing too. So, I have created a brand new taxonomy to help me through the advancing years of my scent-bewilderment and ‘fume-befuddlement (real conditions, believe me).

Fragrances and their target markets have been sorted into the following classifications:

  • The Ditzy Teen (Melon, Berries and Bubble Gum)
  • School Admin Staff (Ozonic/Acquatic)
  • Gym-Junkie Playboys (Leather/Tobacco/Amber)
  • B&D devotees (Metallic Oud-anything)
  • Yummy-Mummys (Pricey Praline Florals)
  • Cougars and MILs (Fruitchoulis & Civetty Chypres)
  • Nanas (Violet & Lilac water)
  • Great Uncles (Grim Fougeres)
  • Hipsters (Price on Application)

Maybe I just should stop wandering into David Jones in my pyjamas.

Adios Amigos…




painting above. Unwanted Christmas gifts and other unpleasantries. TR ©2006

pastel sketch What lies beneath. pastel on paper. TR ©??


Metabolism and the Sexual Signifiers

As you know, I’m not a scientist. I’m an artist. The only lab coat I own was a prop for a movie I made a few years ago… So the following rave is merely observed phenomena and not at all laboratory tested data.

I have a very sluggish metabolism. I messed around with it during my early days playing in rock bands, touring and keeping very unstable hours. The toxicity of my lifestyle totally ruined my thyroid and screwed up my whole engine. So, I get cold and stay cold. My circulation is sluggish and I tire out very easily. My skin is usually cool. Consequently I can wear giant big floral and massively spicy ambers and they behave like law-abiding citizens. They are well under control and no-one gets hurt. I can wear very very intense and even dank marshy fragrances and they purr along like sleeping kittens for hours. Cold florals freeze up on me and create a piercing glare of eye-stabbing shards of ice that cause headaches to erupt in the next suburb.  If I wear any sort of aldehyde/acquatic/melon balls, there’s a sudden smashing sound of glass breaking and the perfume has locked up and soap bubbles cascade out of the windows. Hideous and hideouser.

My daughter is a warm-blooded creature. She needs the opposite. If she wears anything with any tropical origins, it’s like a King Kong-sized monster floral nightmare happens. She needs Antarctica, Versailles, Dragonboat, Jasmine Yuzu… any of my cool-you-down-like-a- lemonade-on-the-porch sort of fragrances.

Same thing happens exactly for the men in my family, my Vulcan husband, the radiant God of Mars needs really cold perfumes, the jasmine chypres are amazing on him. Our temperate-zone son needs woods and earthy notes and must stay away from roses and tropical florals at all costs.

I really should start handing out thermometers to my customers in the initial phase of a fragrance consultation to determine what sort of perfumes to offer. Chaud ou froid?

As well, hormonal cycles and general health and well-being really have a large part to play in the way that perfumes interact with a body. I imagine that’s why some of us want a few fragrances from which to choose our scent of the day.

I can’t speak about synthetics as I don’t know where the source materials are derived. With natural perfume however, whenever we spray, dab or drizzle, we are applying the sexual attractants of plants (and in many older fragrances, the sexual glands and secretions of animals).

Perfume has a lot to do with attracting a mate/mates. It’s all about fertility and virility. Not about being clean, that’s the soap’s job. Perfume is a magnet. The molecules in natural perfume speak directly to the primordial primate-within of reproduction, of wilderness, survival in nature, vitality, fecundity, the burgeoning of new life deep down in the roots of all living things. Natural perfume contains fruits and flowers, rain, sunlight, soil and wind, fire and blizzards and the night sky over and under the grasses and roots and leaves and the bark and sap. Life and death and decay and new life returning in endless cycles of seasons flowing inside the juices of all things that were ever pollinated, germinated and grew.

Are you a hot-blooded furry mammal or a frill-necked lizard like me? What happens when you wear a fragrance that goes against your nature?

Identity and the Flying Carpet

No matter how many holidays we take, how many 5-star hotels we enjoy, how many high performance cars and fancy restaurants we inhabit, life sometimes falls short of our fast-lane fantasies and is just plain dull. Boring. Flat. Drab. Tedious. Tiresome. A Slog. Void of Joy and just downright blahhh.

Some days we scrabble through our clothes, our shoes, our suits and ties, our jewellery, our makeup, or hair stuff and then we sigh. Nothing seems to make one iota of difference. Jeremy’s crying because Jemima pulled his lips off and Jacinta is covered in nutella (again). The damned dog’s barking, the car keys have disappeared (again) and the childcare centre just called to say that a chickenpox outbreak has happened. You wipe the nutella from Jacinta’s face, and you discover that yep.. it certainly has.

That long-anticipated meeting you were presenting to the team this morning is now kaput, and so is your aspiration to negotiate a pay rise. You stare out the window as Tomeeka from next door jogs past in her size 4 exercise couture. She flips her platinum pony over her shoulder and waves to you as she zips by. You hate her more than all the other stuff combined.

…and then… you remember.

Returning to your bedroom, you close the bedroom door and you take a big breath. As you exhale, you open your cupboard and you close your eyes. You clear your mind and relax your shoulders. You open your eyes.

Here, within the humdrum and all the whirling chaos of a Tuesday morning, standing silently sleek in the quiet gloom of a closed up cupboard in the ‘burbs, awaits the Narnia portal to all your greatest adventures. You already detect a hint of romance and seduction for all your (real and imagined) love affairs, you feel the wind in your hair, you put your foot down for a fast getaway to a languid lover’s rendezvous in the Summery South of Anywhere. Here, at your service, awaits all your heroes and heroines, all your bravery and your savoir faire. Your best future memories are at your finger-tips.

Choose your perfume.


Gentlemen Walking. (Humayun’s Tomb, New Delhi) TR ©2012



Trust Yourself

Once upon a time, perfume was a little life-luxury that we dabbed on our necks or knees before meeting the Queen, or as we were preparing to go to Ralph and Trudy’s for their annual New Year’s Eve party. We even dabbed a little bit extra before a date with Lenny, and we swooned if he noticed because it took a long time to save up for that pretty bottle right? There was just one. The one. Maybe as we got older or the world changed, we changed in our tastes, and we ventured on to number 2 (and for so many that was No 5).

Nonetheless, we knew what we liked and we went for that, and it always delivered pleasure and comfort and a sense of specialness whenever we went to a dab-worthy event. End of story….?


Nowadays (can you hear my bones creaking?) apparently we need Style Messiahs to shape us and educate us as to what’s hip. We need such a lot of help and advice just to recognise what’s on point, on trend, on fleek and how to put it on straight. Thankfully Youtube is teeming with them. How would we even survive without hot-goss-gurus? Where would we be without the daily glam guidance of our wardrobe wardens, our vanity vlogstars?

Megaphones ever-ready, the self-appointed fabulistas do their darndest to make sure we are buying whatever the hell they are shoving down our throats. Are we just too busy to self-style? Are we really so unstylish? Are we too feeble now to trust our own ears, eyes, noses, hands and tongues?

‘Buy this, you’ll love it’… I love it, so you’ll buy it. Smiling Emoji Kissing Emoji etc

‘Don’t buy that, you’ll hate it.’ I don’t like it, so never ever buy it. Scowling Emoji etc

Influence, apparently is real power. I even heard that Dale Carnegie’s escaped his crypt. He’s back in town, brasher than ever, doing the circuit just to (re)prove that Winning Friends and Influencing People is still where it’s at.

So, what do all these sellerbrities get for their influential troubles? Free stuff? Sponsorship? Supa-Selfies? Money to stay home and apply all the free stuff while they drone on about it in front of their e-minions? Cushy jobs like POTUS?

What are they creating? Making? Solving? Fixing? Producing? Contributing to the world? White noise and anonymous followers. Hit the like button here ->

So, you may well ask, why am I blogging about it? That’s a bit hypocritical. Well, I’m blogging about it because I’m an artist and all my products are made by me, and… I just like to subvert bullies, and encourage free-thinking in the world. Imagination is sovereign in my world. I’m also writing this to say I deeply care about the integrity of people who think for themselves. I want to be your friend enough that I will get on a plane and fly to visit you and eat my lunch with you, and ask your advice a lot of the time, because I love the way you think. We can influence each other with open, curious minds and mutual respect.

And please say hi to Ralph and Trudy next December, I expect the Queen probably won’t remember me, it was a long time ago, but she did ask me what perfume I was wearing.

‘Oh it’s just something I whipped up at home.’



still from Aquarium 2007. Me listening to my own advice.




Touch to Anoint

Screen shot 2018-04-13 at 2.27.37 PM

The most significant difference between eau de parfums and oil parfums is really quite simple. Eau de parfums frequently elicit the question ‘what perfume are you wearing?’ whereas my Touch to Anoint oil parfums attract the observation ‘You smell incredible’.

You do.


Oil parfums are truly the most beautiful medium for natural fragrances. Their application creates pure, scented velvet on the body. Oil parfums are all about sensuality, intimacy, aura, radiance, touch, texture, eros. The ritual of anointing one’s own skin with a silken ribbon of fragrant parfum oil is truly delicious.

Take your time to apply the fragrance, be generous, and massage the little pool of oil into your hands and forearms, your neck, your chest, wherever your human being desires.


You’ll discover the gorgeous sensation of pure emollience. The moment of restored reverence for being alive is palpable. You are Empress, Sultan, all the Gods and Goddesses.

Delight in this moment to remember your body and your aliveness. Leave your mind and all its noise and nonsense to the side. You are physical, organic. A living, breathing, sensual being. Celebrate your body. You can even add a few drops to your bath, and layer with eau de parfum.

Try the oil.

Screen shot 2018-04-13 at 2.28.11 PM

Screen shot 2018-04-21 at 8.51.24 PMScreen shot 2018-04-21 at 8.51.39 PMScreen shot 2018-04-21 at 8.54.12 PM



Something quite remarkable has happened to my new range of Aromatics in the final stages of their maceration – they have matured and become rich and full-bodied and long-lasting. They have developed into vibrant and potent fragrances that are as good if not better than many of my bestsellers. I’m certainly enthralled by them and have been rotating through them for several weeks and only visiting other fragrances just to compare longevity and sillage.

When I completed the four compositions around early December last year, I’d planned for them to spring to life in the cooling down season, which in Brisbane seems to happen later than anywhere else. I tested them frequently during the last days of Summer, and I found them to be delicious, delicate and refreshingly real. A couple of months later, I am stunned by their development, and have discovered that these are undoubtedly my favourite perfumes of all. They are beautifully balanced and quite complex. Each one delivers a fascinating story that lasts far longer than I ever imagined. They are moody.

I named each one in French, simply because they are styled in the manner of traditional French colognes, classically pure and natural scents.

TRNP Aromatics are bottled gardens:- sunlit meadows, dappled glades, cool groves by the creek and gently winding forest pathways. Peaceful, quiet sanctuaries of stillness away from all the noise.

Each fragrance in the Aromatics Range is a traditionally styled cologne in eau de parfum strength. Elegantly earthy chypres, they are moody and complex, not at all consistent with the familiar ‘fresh and cheery’ scents typically associated with this fragrance genre. These gorgeous scents take a long time to unfurl and linger beautifully.


Eau Naturel is a spicy woody chypre. My favourite perfume in the whole world, Eau Naturel features cold pressed lemon, masses of Sumatran aged patchouli, tolu balsam, Texan cedarwood and a chypre base of oakmoss, labdanum and bergamot. Eau Naturel delivers everything I really love about Coromandel minus the sugary vanilla syrup. A wonderfully refined patchouli fragrance – soft, airy and exotic, it blooms beautifully and is long-lasting. Seriously great for men and for women who comfortably exude an air of avant garde with aplomb. Sassy, earthy, real. Whenever you wear Eau Naturel, people will straightaway recognise that you’re an earthling. Born and bred!


Energique is Energising in English. This fragrance is ultra modern. It totally expresses the return of the Native… raw, real, sexy and powerful. It revives the senses as if it whisked you away for an Alaskan Winter in a cosy wood cabin, smoke tendrils curling from the chimney, fresh air, cold nights, glorious stars in the deep black velvet of night. Heaven on earth. Bergamot, cypress, Virginian cedarwood, Somali frankincense, Mysore sandalwood, Sumatran patchouli, elemi, vetiver and fir needle. Energique is handsome. Rugged, strong, fit… and so open-heartedly filled with life force energy that it inspires physical connection – to people and to places. It brings a potent sense of being totally grounded in strength and stamina. Personally, I love wearing this ‘manly’ fragrance, it brings a feeling of being earthed and safe when I wear it.


Calme Tranquille (Quiet Stillness in English) is filled with wildflowers and citrus blossoms harvested from the orchard. This lovely fragrance is a fresh, herbacious, floral and woody fragrance that evokes the glorious countryside. Calme takes you on a shady walk in the cool woods, on and out through wide green pastures, to the abundant colour and joy of a kitchen garden filled with edible herbs and radiant flowers. A vibrant orchard and sunlit meadows lie just beyond. A celebration of vitality.

Includes hand-tinctured Murraya Paniculata, Grapefruit, Bergamot, Egyptian Geranium, Kashmir Lavender, Neroli, Mimosa, Immortelle, German Chamomile, Roman Chamomile, Blue Tansy, Rosewood, Australian Sandalwood  and Spearmint. This fragrance is deeply replenishing and personally nourishing to the mind, body and spirit. The sillage is just right and the longevity surprisingly robust. It is not a heavy fragrance destined for glamour or romance, Calme is a reflective, replenishing, daytime cologne for men and women. When composing this particular aromatic, I imagined a radiantly healthy human being. A lover of Yoga, a Planet Earth-saving, tree-hugging, life-embracing and deeply compassionate soul in action.

Please note: – this fragrance name has been shortened to (nick-named) Calme in the black label and Tranquille in the white label. It is the same fragrance.


Petite Brise is the gentle breeze. This tender zephyr carries the delicious blossom scent of freshly picked Indian night-blooming jasmine, arm in arm with the crisp green snap of petitgrain, anchored by the creamy sweetness of Mysore sandalwood. A delicate yet totally unisex green floral fragrance that will lift the spirits of all humankind as you pass the corridors of industry on your way to bliss.


Aromatics are available now.