Identity and the Flying Carpet

No matter how many holidays we take, how many 5-star hotels we enjoy, how many high performance cars and fancy restaurants we inhabit, life sometimes falls short of our fast-lane fantasies and is just plain dull. Boring. Flat. Drab. Tedious. Tiresome. A Slog. Void of Joy and just downright blahhh.

Some days we scrabble through our clothes, our shoes, our suits and ties, our jewellery, our makeup, or hair stuff and then we sigh. Nothing seems to make one iota of difference. Jeremy’s crying because Jemima pulled his lips off and Jacinta is covered in nutella (again). The damned dog’s barking, the car keys have disappeared (again) and the childcare centre just called to say that a chickenpox outbreak has happened. You wipe the nutella from Jacinta’s face, and you discover that yep.. it certainly has.

That long-anticipated meeting you were presenting to the team this morning is now kaput, and so is your aspiration to negotiate a pay rise. You stare out the window as Tomeeka from next door jogs past in her size 4 exercise couture. She flips her platinum pony over her shoulder and waves to you as she zips by. You hate her more than all the other stuff combined.

…and then… you remember.

Returning to your bedroom, you close the bedroom door and you take a big breath. As you exhale, you open your cupboard and you close your eyes. You clear your mind and relax your shoulders. You open your eyes.

Here, within the humdrum and all the whirling chaos of a Tuesday morning, standing silently sleek in the quiet gloom of a closed up cupboard in the ‘burbs, awaits the Narnia portal to all your greatest adventures. You already detect a hint of romance and seduction for all your (real and imagined) love affairs, you feel the wind in your hair, you put your foot down for a fast getaway to a languid lover’s rendezvous in the Summery South of Anywhere. Here, at your service, awaits all your heroes and heroines, all your bravery and your savoir faire. Your best future memories are at your finger-tips.

Choose your perfume.


Gentlemen Walking. (Humayun’s Tomb, New Delhi) TR ©2012



Trust Yourself

Once upon a time, perfume was a little life-luxury that we dabbed on our necks or knees before meeting the Queen, or as we were preparing to go to Ralph and Trudy’s for their annual New Year’s Eve party. We even dabbed a little bit extra before a date with Lenny, and we swooned if he noticed because it took a long time to save up for that pretty bottle right? There was just one. The one. Maybe as we got older or the world changed, we changed in our tastes, and we ventured on to number 2 (and for so many that was No 5).

Nonetheless, we knew what we liked and we went for that, and it always delivered pleasure and comfort and a sense of specialness whenever we went to a dab-worthy event. End of story….?


Nowadays (can you hear my bones creaking?) apparently we need Style Messiahs to shape us and educate us as to what’s hip. We need such a lot of help and advice just to recognise what’s on point, on trend, on fleek and how to put it on straight. Thankfully Youtube is teeming with them. How would we even survive without hot-goss-gurus? Where would we be without the daily glam guidance of our wardrobe wardens?

Megaphones ever-ready, the self-appointed fabulistas do their darndest to make sure we are buying whatever the hell they are shoving down our throats. Are we just too busy to self-style? Are we really so unstylish? Are we too feeble now to trust our own ears, eyes, noses, hands and tongues?

‘Buy this, you’ll love it’… I love it, so you’ll buy it. Smiling Emoji Kissing Emoji etc

‘Don’t buy that, you’ll hate it.’ I don’t like it, so never ever buy it. Scowling Emoji etc

Influence, apparently is real power. I even heard that Dale Carnegie’s escaped his crypt. He’s back in town, brasher than ever, doing the circuit just to (re)prove that Winning Friends and Influencing People is still where it’s at.

So, what do all these sellerbrities get for their influential troubles? Free stuff? Sponsorship? Supa-Selfies? Money to stay home and apply all the free stuff while they drone on about it in front of their e-minions? Cushy jobs like POTUS?

What are they creating? Making? Solving? Fixing? Producing? Contributing to the world? White noise and anonymous followers. Hit the like button here ->

So, you may well ask, why am I blogging about it? That’s a bit hypocritical. Well, I’m blogging about it because I’m an artist and all my products are made by me, and… I just like to subvert bullies, and encourage free-thinking in the world. Imagination is sovereign in my world. I’m also writing this to say I deeply care about the integrity of people who think for themselves. I want to be your friend enough that I will get on a plane and fly to visit you and eat my lunch with you, and ask your advice a lot of the time, because I love the way you think. We can influence each other with open, curious minds and mutual respect.

And please say hi to Ralph and Trudy next December, I expect the Queen probably won’t remember me, it was a long time ago, but she did ask me what perfume I was wearing.

‘Oh it’s just something I whipped up at home.’



still from Aquarium 2007. Me listening to my own advice.




Touch to Anoint

Screen shot 2018-04-13 at 2.27.37 PM

The most significant difference between eau de parfums and oil parfums is really quite simple. Eau de parfums frequently elicit the question ‘what perfume are you wearing?’ whereas my Touch to Anoint oil parfums attract the observation ‘You smell incredible’.

You do.


Oil parfums are truly the most beautiful medium for natural fragrances. Their application creates pure, scented velvet on the body. Oil parfums are all about sensuality, intimacy, aura, radiance, touch, texture, eros. The ritual of anointing one’s own skin with a silken ribbon of fragrant parfum oil is truly delicious.

Take your time to apply the fragrance, be generous, and massage the little pool of oil into your hands and forearms, your neck, your chest, wherever your human being desires.


You’ll discover the gorgeous sensation of pure emollience. The moment of restored reverence for being alive is palpable. You are Empress, Sultan, all the Gods and Goddesses.

Delight in this moment to remember your body and your aliveness. Leave your mind and all its noise and nonsense to the side. You are physical, organic. A living, breathing, sensual being. Celebrate your body. You can even add a few drops to your bath, and layer with eau de parfum.

Try the oil.

Screen shot 2018-04-13 at 2.28.11 PM

Screen shot 2018-04-21 at 8.51.24 PMScreen shot 2018-04-21 at 8.51.39 PMScreen shot 2018-04-21 at 8.54.12 PM



Something quite remarkable has happened to my new range of Aromatics in the final stages of their maceration – they have matured and become rich and full-bodied and long-lasting. They have developed into vibrant and potent fragrances that are as good if not better than many of my bestsellers. I’m certainly enthralled by them and have been rotating through them for several weeks and only visiting other fragrances just to compare longevity and sillage.

When I completed the four compositions around early December last year, I’d planned for them to spring to life in the cooling down season, which in Brisbane seems to happen later than anywhere else. I tested them frequently during the last days of Summer, and I found them to be delicious, delicate and refreshingly real. A couple of months later, I am stunned by their development, and have discovered that these are undoubtedly my favourite perfumes of all. They are beautifully balanced and quite complex. Each one delivers a fascinating story that lasts far longer than I ever imagined. They are moody.

I named each one in French, simply because they are styled in the manner of traditional French colognes, classically pure and natural scents.

TRNP Aromatics are bottled gardens:- sunlit meadows, dappled glades, cool groves by the creek and gently winding forest pathways. Peaceful, quiet sanctuaries of stillness away from all the noise.

Each fragrance in the Aromatics Range is a traditionally styled cologne in eau de parfum strength. Elegantly earthy chypres, they are moody and complex, not at all consistent with the familiar ‘fresh and cheery’ scents typically associated with this fragrance genre. These gorgeous scents take a long time to unfurl and linger beautifully.


Eau Naturel is a spicy woody chypre. My favourite perfume in the whole world, Eau Naturel features cold pressed lemon, masses of Sumatran aged patchouli, tolu balsam, Texan cedarwood and a chypre base of oakmoss, labdanum and bergamot. Eau Naturel delivers everything I really love about Coromandel minus the sugary vanilla syrup. A wonderfully refined patchouli fragrance – soft, airy and exotic, it blooms beautifully and is long-lasting. Seriously great for men and for women who comfortably exude an air of avant garde with aplomb. Sassy, earthy, real. Whenever you wear Eau Naturel, people will straightaway recognise that you’re an earthling. Born and bred!


Energique is Energising in English. This fragrance is ultra modern. It totally expresses the return of the Native… raw, real, sexy and powerful. It revives the senses as if it whisked you away for an Alaskan Winter in a cosy wood cabin, smoke tendrils curling from the chimney, fresh air, cold nights, glorious stars in the deep black velvet of night. Heaven on earth. Bergamot, cypress, Virginian cedarwood, Somali frankincense, Mysore sandalwood, Sumatran patchouli, elemi, vetiver and fir needle. Energique is handsome. Rugged, strong, fit… and so open-heartedly filled with life force energy that it inspires physical connection – to people and to places. It brings a potent sense of being totally grounded in strength and stamina. Personally, I love wearing this ‘manly’ fragrance, it brings a feeling of being earthed and safe when I wear it.


Calme Tranquille (Quiet Stillness in English) is filled with wildflowers and citrus blossoms harvested from the orchard. This lovely fragrance is a fresh, herbacious, floral and woody fragrance that evokes the glorious countryside. Calme takes you on a shady walk in the cool woods, on and out through wide green pastures, to the abundant colour and joy of a kitchen garden filled with edible herbs and radiant flowers. A vibrant orchard and sunlit meadows lie just beyond. A celebration of vitality.

Includes hand-tinctured Murraya Paniculata, Grapefruit, Bergamot, Egyptian Geranium, Kashmir Lavender, Neroli, Mimosa, Immortelle, German Chamomile, Roman Chamomile, Blue Tansy, Rosewood, Australian Sandalwood  and Spearmint. This fragrance is deeply replenishing and personally nourishing to the mind, body and spirit. The sillage is just right and the longevity surprisingly robust. It is not a heavy fragrance destined for glamour or romance, Calme is a reflective, replenishing, daytime cologne for men and women. When composing this particular aromatic, I imagined a radiantly healthy human being. A lover of Yoga, a Planet Earth-saving, tree-hugging, life-embracing and deeply compassionate soul in action.

Please note: – this fragrance name has been shortened to (nick-named) Calme in the black label and Tranquille in the white label. It is the same fragrance.


Petite Brise is the gentle breeze. This tender zephyr carries the delicious blossom scent of freshly picked Indian night-blooming jasmine, arm in arm with the crisp green snap of petitgrain, anchored by the creamy sweetness of Mysore sandalwood. A delicate yet totally unisex green floral fragrance that will lift the spirits of all humankind as you pass the corridors of industry on your way to bliss.


Aromatics are available now.




Sticks and Stones

As a child I often dreamed of being able to practice and wield the power of magic. I really wished I could conjure to repair and save and create joy. I adored the Mary Poppins method of tidying away the toys and taking afternoon tea on the ceiling. I loved nothing better than reading novels about genies, wizards, fairies and their godmothers, leprechauns, elves, stories of enchanted lands in myths and legends. As an adult, I read somewhere that an act of Magic is merely the ability to summon things forth by calling upon their true name. That made me stop and think very long and hard about the power in a name. Just because the neighbours call their cat ‘Sneaker’ doesn’t mean he isn’t really known in his own circles as Crimson Copernicus IV

Learning the real name of any single being or thing reveals a deep understanding of the true nature of said person or thing. ‘Right-naming’ demonstrates a deep state of at-oneness with the being or object on, or at its own level of existence. It’s why scientists and scholars are so highly regarded. Referring to our anatomical parts as accurately as possible is the right sort of magic we entrust our surgeons with.

There is indeed a great deal of power and wisdom in being capable of naming and thereby summoning forth collaboration or cooperation from the very heart of what is being summoned. It brings to mind, for me, the story of Doctor Dolittle conversing with the animals in all their own languages. How wonderful that would be. I still believe we can and will one day learn so much more about inter-species communication.

Another folk saying I carry with me always is

‘When you commit to something, the universe conspires to help you’.

I definitely love the idea of a universe conspiring to help me. It gives me a feeling of joy.

And… the last in my personal kit of inspirational sayings (at least for today) is one I heard from an amazing teacher whose work I adore:-

‘You can have anything you want, the price you must pay is full attention. If you don’t pay attention, you pay with pain’.

So, I have been thinking such a lot about refining the ways in which I create, describe and market my natural fragrances. I’ve considered many of the similarities and differences between mass-produced, synthetic fragrances and my products. I’ve spoken about this before at length, but just to summarise the behavioural differences, synthetic fragrances are attenuated so that the initial scent is very alluring and grabs the attention immediately within the first 5 seconds. Often there’s an airy luminosity and gloss to the fragrance that provides a very pleasing aesthetic. The fragrance dries down and evolves, which is where synthetic fragrances either make a smooth transition to a second and third stage of development, or they fall apart. Many trends in the hectic life of fragrance-by-fashion can mean that so many commercial fragrances are similar, slight variations on this season’s crop which is largely dictated by what focus groups want. It’s a shame really, many customers are quickly bored with all the sameness, and I’m pretty sure a lot of noses are frustrated with so many creative and economic constraints.

My natural perfumes lack any of the chemical ingredients that are frequently found in commercial fragrances, there are no aldehydes, no super-boosted sparklers or bubbles or artificial palate-pleasing hors d’oeuvres up front. The effect can be that natural fragrance on first whiff seems quite heavy, syrupy or just very intense. It’s not always this way. It is more usual when the fragrance is a heavier Oriental amber, because the base notes are so pervasively strong that they reach all the way up the front and put in an appearance too soon (a bit like over-enthusiastic cast members of a high-school play who can’t stop themselves from peeking through the stage curtains to see if Janeen’s in the front row).

Blending skill has a lot to do with attenuating this first impression. It’s not an easy task to balance the first blush with enough oomph and longevity to stay the distance. Synthetic fragrances incorporate a number of chemical helpers to manage this challenge. Natural fragrances use more resin. The tartness of many resins (frankincense, myrrh, tolu etc) tip the balance from a sweet floral to a sour floral very easily. And then the chase begins again… more rose, more jasmine, more vanilla etc to reclaim the sunshine and laughter. It’s a fraught process, and can never be achieved without very generous amounts of raw materials to try and try and try again until the sweet spot is located. This can’t easily be done on a small scale.

There is a certain kind of magic that happens when blending perfume from natural, botanical ingredients. It is a most incredible phenomena for which I’ve yet to learn the right name. Mandy Aftel calls it locking, but for me, that’s not quite the right name. The magical moment happens when the selected ingredients are blended and reach a kind of perfect resonance with each other. The blend suddenly transforms from a pleasing mixture of the sum of its parts into a whole new state of synergy. A brand new ‘scentity’ emerges. Perhaps that’s the name. The perfume no longer smells like a series of choices put together, it is one. The radiance and the shimmer of this new scentity is incredible. It is such a delicate mixing process, that it can suddenly appear and, in the excitement to ‘push’ the boundaries, be lost in an instant. No amount of rectification can recreate what was – the synergy. It is truly a moment of glory. The challenge is to be confident enough to make a large batch, and to keep blending as often as possible to learn where, when and how this phenomena has really occurred. For me, it is the grail… the perfumer’s seat of power and the reason I wake up inspired and fall asleep questioning. It keeps me fascinated and obsessed with the marvel of perfume creation.

At times, this synergy has happened almost instantaneously with very few ingredients. I was convinced at that time that fewer ingredients was key. Not so. It has happened on the very last attempt to ignite a fragrance composition that has been languishing in the laboratory state for a very long time, still just not quite right, not singing yet. Some fragrances are just beautiful perfumes that never arrive at this magical state of radiance. Not every radiant fragrance will speak to all people. Weather and temperature play a part. Humidity kills off the fragrant splendour of many fragrances. Deep Winter closes down others altogether. It’s a momentary phenomena, but those that wear a lot of perfume become hyper-aware of it. They recognise the goosebumps and take stock of the kinds of conditions happening when they first experience this wonder and remember to align with those conditions next time they select that scent for the day. I also think it’s why so many fragrances that are bought in department stores (where the humidity is zero and the air-conditioning is so dense) just seem to have lost something, somehow lost their magic when applied later at home. Perhaps our brains have already identified all the characters in that perfume story. Natural ingredients are complex, subtle, surprising. The plot can take a sudden twist at any moment. A mystery thriller awaits ‘in the garden’.

As a nose, I strive to ensure that mine arrive at the most satisfying destinations, even as I realise that they are not for everybody, they are only for some.  I see too, that many people are coming around to the idea that natural perfume is an old/new trend that is definitely very valuable, and for so many reasons.

To honour the differences between natural and synthetic perfume, I have renamed the product categories on my website just to veer slightly away from the usual classifications of fragrance formulas. My cologne styled fragrances last 3 times longer than most eau de parfums so I have renamed them Aromatics. They are glorious.

My pure oil parfums are now named Touch to Anoint. It is a reminder that applying oil parfum is a beautiful ritual. Ancient, meaningful, beautifying, sacred, it is a ritual anointing of the self, dearly beloved by those that truly indulge in the luxury and wonder of perfume. Many people are at first, uncomfortable with the notion of touching the perfume. This is such a disconnection from sensuality and eros, and one that needs to be remedied right now. A few drops of Touch to Anoint fragrances are so great in the bath, and heavenly when applied on the body after bathing or showering. They are long-lasting and emollient and pure. Great for the skin, the heart and soul.

My eau de toilettes are luminous and sheer and yet also very long-lasting. These are now named Gossamer Wings, the light-filled radiance of all the fairies and Tinkerbells I ever dreamed of meeting and becoming when I was a little girl.

Eau de parfums are now named Eaux On Velvet, because they are opulently rich, statement fragrances that are long-lasting and memorable and plush. Life feels better when you find yourself *On Velvet.

Lusso Collection are rare and precious, small-batch stunning beauties. Lusso are exclusive fragrances containing very expensive ingredients made in 1-2 litres. The only Lusso collection fragrances that have been made in more than one batch are Rose Potion and Zeeba.



*On Velvet is slang for “sitting pretty,” it means things are going very well.




Have you been breaking off little pieces of rabbit’s ears to nibble again? Do you start at the feet or chew off the nose? And those eggs, where do you start? Do you break into it with your teeth? Hmmmn…

Crumpling up all those little tell-tale bits of foil, I’m on my second cup of black coffee and packing away a lot of mess. Labels, bottles, tassels, boxes etc etc. I’ve been hard at work overhauling my logo design, product packaging and upgrading the merchandising of all products in my online shop. Many new batches (circa 2017/18) of my natural fragrances are now in circulation. The journey up to this moment has been largely about composing and developing the products. Blending perfume; …trialing, failing, learning and finally succeeding. A phase of development that was all about nose training and taking very small steps towards entering the market. The patron feedback was a powerful way to learn some stuff about what worked and what didn’t, and I sincerely appreciated all the marvelous support. Prices and products were tested and altered constantly (often according to stock levels) and as compensation for all the chaos, I gave away a lot of free stuff to thank all those that were so willing to play. The making phase is complete, and I’m now focused on developing and refining TRNP out in the front of the shop. The stock is stable, plentiful and beautiful. Time to clear away all the extraneous mess of my creative clutter and get busy running a ship-shape shop.

Screen shot 2018-04-01 at 5.55.45 PM

My Aromatics and Eau de Toilettes are actually eau de parfum strength (30% fragrance to medium ratio), but just contain less heavy base notes. The Aromatics range is proving very popular, and I’m delighted with how beautifully they have matured. I worked passionately on this range throughout the humidity and heat of Summer, and as Autumn unfurls, they are just right. They will also be radiant joys to wear in Spring. They are perfectly suited to the cooling off and the warming up seasons. Presented in 30ml spray atomisers, they fit beautifully into the nooks and crannies of corporate environments and professional lifestyles.

TRNP’s Lusso collection are top notch niche natural perfumes made in small batches (between 1 and 3 litres). Due to popular demand, several have evolved to a second or third batch iteration, and although the formulas are strictly adhered to, harvests and yields vary from year to year. I strive to rectify changes to the best of my ability, yet I just cannot go against nature. Having said that, they definitely keep improving in line with my blending skills. New and improved reformulations include: Mary Jane, Rococo, Rose Embers, Rose Potion, Attar of Roses, Ruby, Tallemaja, Bodhi and Ritual.

I won’t be offering any more discount coupons or sales, instead, I have restructured all of my prices to be the very best value on a permanent basis.

Have a beautiful, restful Sunday and … maybe eat a little carrot for the inner rabbit!

Screen shot 2018-04-01 at 12.11.30 PM





Here we are, back at the gates of suffering, faithfully (re)entering the annual festival of death and rebirth. This fun-filled ride conveys us through a dark, river cave tunnel of (meta)physical and spiritual shadows, accelerating at terrifying speed past leering spectres of condemnation, suffering and obliteration. Who is that poor, bleeding man nailed to a pole with his arms outstretched?

Here in the West, Christians observe Easter as a potent symbol of sacrifice that mirrors the ugly flaws in our humanity through the utterly abject story of crucifixion. We reflect on our own betrayals, our inner and outer torment/s, torture, our miseries, our self-denial, our brutality, martyrdom, grief and loss, and we (try to) strive, through the power of prayer and forgiveness, to find absolution, transmutation, purification and liberation from all the pain. We are taught that Sin, Guilt and Penance are the best game-tokens to wield and wisely, in order to find redemption.

Resurrection offers us the gift of ‘going beyond’, showing us the courage needed to overcome the shadow. Resurrection, as a concept, grants us all a very big miracle, through the grace and symbolism of the ‘Easterly’ ascension. Such powerful demonstrations must be internally reconciled, and then spread, in order to be shared in tacit harmony with all of humanity.

And um,… those tasty chocolate eggs borne by the magic rabbit? Hot cross buns? What part do these terrific tokens of transformation play in the holy sacraments of Easter? Is this our Last Supper? No, that’s just for the kids. We’re having Atlantic salmon with a nice chablis? Let’s invite all our friends to come and stay for the weekend, or we could get Aunty Rhonda to babysit and we’ll slip off for a few relaxing days at the beach-house with Ralphe and Truedi?

And…why’s it called Easter?

Could it have anything to do with Astarte? That very fertile Goddess of sex, war and death previously adored by many ancient civilisations including the Ancient Egyptians, Sumerians, Babylonians, Phoenicians and beyond? It’s interesting to notice that there’s a common shout-out to the very same holy themes of birth, death and rebirth. Immaculate conception requires a divinely inspired condition of fertility (those rabbits again, right?) and the ubiquitous egg theme. I see a pattern here. Astarte -> Easter -> Oestre -> Eggs, Fertility, Estrogen, Creatrix. Better get those hot cross buns in the oven.

All the demonisation, condemnation and obliteration of the ancient goddess figureheads (Innana, Astarte, Isis, Ishtar et al) by the cleansing rise of strident Christian patriarchy foreshadows the very same path of destruction suffered by the Christ; the same cycle of condemnation, suffering and obliteration. Will we never learn?

Easter’s profoundly existential themes offer us a timely festival of resurrection and redemption, to put aside our petty gripes, to reconcile, to surrender our egos and our earthly desires. Time to surrender fully to that which is highest in ourselves. Imagine if we spent just a few days fasting, contemplating the big picture, dusting off and resurrecting truth. Perhaps Easter is truly just a gift of time and love that enables us to sow new seeds of compassion, generosity, sincerity, integrity, charity, benevolence, forgiveness (of self and others). What an exquisite garden of wonders that would be.

Drive safely, peace and goodwill to all…

ROSE red




What is that?

A word that once held so much whimsy is now so completely laden with all the angry reflexive baggage we have accumulated. We are hound-dog scrutineers; so easily filled with indignation for real or imagined or confected faux pas.

Outraged, y’hear?

I’m so confused about the whole thing. I don’t actually give a toss about what people wear, or who they kiss or what they dream of being/becoming. As long as it isn’t rapist or serial killer, I’m OK with transformational aspirations. I just object to umbrage. Each generation forms its own committee to decide the social mores of the day. They do their best to improve on what was, and they seek to educate all the old codgers on what you can and can’t say/do/think or believe in ‘these days’

But, after all, we’re just a work-in-progress. There’s not really a full stop, just a great big breath that needs to be taken at the end of a lot of talking about a lot of stuff.

So, femininity? Some folks love the idea of femininity, it conjures an image of girly-girls, high heels and lipstick and long floaty hair and a deep love for puppies and kittens and butterflies and cupcakes and frilly skirts and romance. That’s alright. For me, femininity is a bizarre construction. When I step out, I prefer anonymity.

So returning to the topic of perfume… what exactly is a feminine fragrance? Is it lightweight floral powdery puff stuff? Is it pudding? Is it nail polish remover and hairspray? Is it body heat and arousal inside fur coats, followed by cigarettes and martinis after sex? Is it inoffensive nondescript, generic soapy musk and aldehydes with a plastic flower stuffed in an acrylic vase? Is it lollies and fruit salad?


It’s whatever YOU want it to say. Whether you’re female, femme, feminist, feminine, a cougar, a nana, a man, a coquette, a nun or a cheer-leader…you decide Princess!


Screen shot 2018-03-05 at 8.54.47 PM







I stridently resist the notion that fragrance is gendered. Perfume is such a very personal experience, a ritual that must suit one’s own taste and work well with one’s chemistry. There’s lots and lots of debate on the topic of personal chemistry and whether it makes any difference to how a perfume ‘works’ or not. I don’t know the science on that, but my very boysy husband wears the hell out of rose and jasmine and makes all woody scents smell like floor cleaning agents. Zeeba is his precious. Our son prefers woody scents, and can’t bear the smell of roses, yet Ritual (tuberose, pink lotus and tobacco) sings for him like no other.

The multi-million dollar marketing strategies used to sell fragrances to men and women have relied on the fast-fashion styles that come and go in the blink of an eye. Such ‘ephemerality’ comforts the industry with a steady stream of renewed patronage every time they launch another product… because it’s all the rage, so hot, on-fleek, on trend, in vogue, hot dang and wotever wotever wotever!

Thirty five years ago, masculine fragrances were so butch and blokey. Giant moustaches sprouted on most men and the chiropractic industry boomed from all the necks gone awry from so much heavy gold bling dangling on chests so hairy they burst buttons right off shirts. Disco was de rigueur. Tattoos were few and far between and only beatniks or the deeply religious and/or heavily hirsute wore beards.

These days, men wear whatever scents they like and more comfortably allow their sensuality to shine through, regardless of their sexuality or what others think. Bravo.

Historically, the most rose-devoted peacocks in the world were the Arabs. Those gorgeous guys anointed themselves with the rich floralcy of exquisite roses and jasmines, with total style and confidence. It’s not at all about sexuality, it’s about the joi de vivre – the exaltation of life.

Having said all that, I receive many emails from boys all over the world that ask me if I produce ‘Men’s fragrances’? So I thought to simply flag the fragrances in my collection that are unmistakably ‘boysy’, and are least likely to cause a fuss in more fragrance-conservative situations.

AROMATICSEnergique and Eau Naturel.

EAU DE TOILETTESEarl Grey and Gondwana.

EAU DE PARFUMSBotticelli, Lyonesse, Rococo, Tallemaja are all excellent fragrances suited to men who like men’s fragrances. In addition (just resting from the website until I’ve finished overhauling the seasonal display) – Artemis, Black Spruce, and two new fragrances Bulgakov and Musk Batavia. (coming along any day now)

OIL PARFUMSBatavia, Incense, Labyrinth. (A few other ‘masculines’ currently resting are Hussar, Byzantium, Pagan and Free Spirit).

LUSSO COLLECTIONAntarctica, Embers, Mokaya, Ritual and Zeeba.

Many other fragrances listed within the fragrance categories on my website are worn beautifully by men, but those listed above are simply the most typical of the genre most people are accustomed to smelling on men.

forest guardian 2



Thank you…


Just a word of gratitude to all the lovely customers that have supported me recently with purchases, feedback and advice on the re-branding of my product range. It’s taken a while, and a good measure  of *hair-tearing and a few printing mis-steps along the way (yes, a couple of truly awful printing firms that I would not recommend), but I’m finally photographing the entire range of TRNP fragrances dressed up in their new labels.

Due to the spatial challenges involved in designing labels for my vintage flacons (curved surfaces, raised and embossed areas, plus the very large number of fragrances in my collection), I decided to go with 3 brand labels, and use black or white recycled cotton tags for displaying the fragrance names.

Soon to join the 50ml flacons is a brand new 30ml spray atomiser. A lovely contemporary companion to the vintage flacons, these easily fit into busy life bags and satchels etc. The 30ml atomisers are labeled with individual fragrance names included (no tags).

*If anyone knows any good home remedies for bald spots, please get in touch!



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