The Evening Star

Remember John Hurt as Mr Ollivander in Harry Potter? His magical shop filled with wizarding wands in Diagon Alley? Every day I dream of finding and opening my own Diagon Alley sorta shop… and peering over the counter at glowing-cheeked customers who come seeking their very own signature scent. Pondering awhile, I fumble around for the perfect elixir (or 3) to carry each seeker through the hustle and bustle of life’s pageantry and (mis)adventures. I imagine having a special little bottle hidden away… one that’s just the ticket for you when you step through the door, … as if I’d been expecting you all along. 

Ahh, here it is‘, and a shiny scrap of silk floats down from somewhere and dusts off the flacon and with a flourish, gives it a quick polish.

I have no idea (yet) how to realise my dream… other than to pack up our household and go in search of serendipity with the old north wind blowing me into my own Chocolat…  borne upon the Scentrifugal Forces of Nature.

My current TRNP Moving Sale is designed to achieve two things:- lighten the perfume stock load for moving, and help me finance this leap into the next chapter of TRNP’s evolution. I yearn to make this a story of success, how an Evening Star once heard a wish, and conspired to make it so.

I have reduced many stock items, from 40% to 60% off the full retail price, and I will gratefully receive your order. Just a reminder that Afterpay is available, as this is a perfect chance to stock up on some fantastic gifts for Christmas (if you’re a Christmas gift giving sort).


Full Moon in Sunlight 3

Today’s Moon rising over Redcliffe. TR 2018.


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