I’ll admit, one of the reasons I first started blending perfume was that I had a deep yearning to own lots (all) of the vintage Chanels, Diors and Guerlain fragrances, but never the income to satisfy my desire/s. I was curious to discover if it was even possible to DIY such beautiful wonders using only natural essential oils and absolutes.
I started tinkering and reading and I made lots of ghastly concoctions. I haunted the department stores and fragrance boutiques and gathered so many tester cards and I spritzed so many frags on all my scarves so the scents would last long enough for me to scurry home and compare my awful concoctions with my scarf of the day, in order to learn what I was getting so wrong, and why.
I didn’t aim to make carbon copies of any single big brand scent per se, I imagined slipping one of my natural fragrances in between No 5, Bois des Iles, Shalimar and Diorissimo, and for the natural to just be right at home.
Aldehydes are the hallmark of so many of the glamour chypres of the big brands and perfume houses of the past, and attempting to use natural aldehydes is a tricky game of arm-wrestling with bergamot and clary sage and rosemary. Unfortunately their inherently strong scents cancel out their aldehydic benefits and just caused my pretty floral formulas to tip over. But, I kept on it like a moody pit-bull with a rubber ducky in her jaws.
Eventually I discovered my own genre, vintage-styled natural chypres. Compared with mainstream synthetics, they are dense and clumpy at first, yes. There’s no soap bubbles or champagne or sparkle to carry you to the heart, BUT!! after 10 minutes of breathing on your skin, they bloom and are just wonderful. The dry-downs are glorious and they are my favourites in all the land.
Yearning fixed.
The 2018 batch of Quintessence is lovely. It features Jasmine grandiflorum, Iris, Rose de mai, Green tea, chypre accord and a delicious batch of petitgrain that really shines as the sparkling top note featured in this current formula.
I wanted to offer this beauty for a short time at a special half price sale of $87.50 for 50ml in my vintage French crystal flacons. It’s purely a promotional offer because once your sister/bestie/daughter smells it, it will be snatched right out of your hand.
Enter the coupon code QUINTESSENCE18 at checkout to access the discount. https://teone.com.au/product/quintessence-natural-perfume/
Quintessence edp

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