Eau Contraire

Over the last six months I have been creatively occupied with refining my entire range of natural fragrances. I have reformulated many as they reached full maturity, simply in order to rein in some notes that really (really) bloomed, by increasing the heart note accords or boosting top notes as bases have deepened and increased projection.

Other refinements have enabled me to temper or recalibrate some elements that were over-amplified in maceration beyond my expectations. This was usually rectified by adding precious floral absolutes, when and as I could afford to do so in the larger and larger quantities of my batches. My existing collection is now fully stocked at 5-8 litres of each fragrance.

The overall refining process has enhanced so many of the fragrance profiles. 2018 batches reflect the maturation and development of my nose, resulting from a very hectic few years of composing. Many overly complex fragrance formulas have been critically streamlined, becoming more clearly defined, more confident as I’ve developed my understanding of blending.

For the most part, I have been passionate about composing chypres and ambers, simply because they are my favourite fragrances. Accordingly, I have prepared a whole new range of TRNP fragrances in large quantities and will continue to stock those that are listed in my fragrance catalogue. The fragrances that will depart are those listed in TRNP archives and a few in the Lusso Collection that have depended on extraordinary harvests that cannot be repeated.

In line with my ethos, I am stopping the composing of new fragrances. Kodama is my last.

The TRNP fragrance collection is now complete, and the shop is always open for business, but, I’m soulfully dismayed by the vast tsunami of new fragrance houses and perfumes being launched every single day. Enough already.

I’ll take the opposite path and sit quietly off to the side. I make superb perfume, and if you manage to find me off the beaten track, I’ll joyfully show you around the ropes. I just can’t bear looking at any more wealth porn, influencer-frenzy or elitist, faux riche social media garbage when the world is facing a global storm of serious political, economic and environmental problems that really need our undivided attention and our action.



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2 thoughts on “Eau Contraire

  1. I thought I had detected a change in your nose with some recent compositions, like they were teenagers leaving home for a more sophisticated life, no holds barred. It seems to me that now you can go ‘straight there’ without too many distracting notes and chords.

    I still love the oldies. They will endure. Your ‘Embers’ is a legend in its own lifetime.

    I was walking through Byron the other day and someone was wearing Guerlain’s Samsara – I hadn’t smelled that for years and years and it was so good to get a whiff again and be reminded of another time, another life. I will always remember where I was when I first smelled that – Brisbane actually, walking through the mall, and I stopped the wearer to ask her about it – it had just been released.

    It is the same with my little collection of TRNP. We are all spoiled for choice now. It makes me feel incredibly ordinary… but very grateful that with the touch of your magic juice I can shine.
    Thanks Teone.

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