Vendage (not bondage)…

I’ve been tinkering again. In the last 6 months I’ve been climbing a steep learning curve about blending. I’d decided, mid last year to stop rushing around exploring new territories via endless compositions of more and more fragrances, and to focus my creative energies on finessing my entire product line. That frenzied make-more phase, I’ve since discovered, was triggered by a rapid increase in demand, which meant I was constantly scurrying to please and supply, and just not taking enough time to trust my own aesthetic sense of creative direction. I deeply appreciated the sudden increase in sales, as it enabled me to learn so much about how to proceed, and of course, how not to.

So, I began to rectify a few formulas that had initially pleased me, but left room for improvement. Some blends I now realise were sketches that I now felt needed a little more sharpness or sweetness or more airy lift to them. This is the feature of being an artisan making hand-blended small batch perfume. There’s always opportunity for refinement.

And refinement is to be expected, as any maker gains experience, their skills increase and their understanding of problem-solving expands.

So, almost every sale that has happened in the last few months has afforded me the opportunity to tweak quite a few formulas as well as to compose additional batches of fragrances that had run short. I also composed just a few new fragrances (not many) for my own creative enjoyment.

beaker and flacon

I know that many people become very attached to their favourites, and may not agree with me that X needs more blue lotus or more myrrh… they love it just the way it is. So I am keeping 500mls of my original stock in the cool room for those that insist on staying true to their loves. Some fragrances have completely run out and I have decided not to repeat them. That decision rests on the fact that some particular fragrances existed because of an extraordinary batch of raw materials that have since proven to be so different (or unavailable) as to be unable to produce that fragrance in a satisfying way.

I’m working hard to consolidate and refine my entire collection into what I believe is the penultimate version of each and every fragrance and in far larger quantities – so that an incredible choir of fragrances stands in concert, where each and every singer has a powerful voice and absolutely sings in tune. Pitch perfect perfume.

I have added Batch number notifications on my website which also lists any additional notes or formula quantities that have been altered. That way people can contact me and request the exact same batch as the one they have and know so well. Or try the refined version.

I know from experience that many mainstream fragrances have changed and been degraded over time, losing key ingredients, losing longevity or potency. This is largely driven by accounts departments wanting to cut costs. It can be devastating to lose such an intimate companion on our life pathways, where our precious memories are made.

I promise faithfully, that never is a TRNP reformulation less-than. I have not decreased quantities of anything. I have increased the content of some of the more expensive ingredients. So, if the fragrance batch says altered formula, it means I’ve added more Mysore sandalwood or more Taif rose or more Tuberose to really feature that ingredient in the way I always really wanted it to shine. I have listed that change in the product descriptions on my website.

Lastly, I just want to add that natural fragrances, over a period of time, mature and become stronger. The maceration process is an ongoing phase of evolution, as is experienced in fine wines, fortified wines and aged liquors. Certain notes may become more dominant or conversely, be overshadowed by the deeper base notes that take charge over time. At key stages of a fragrance’s development, I’m able to say – it’s time to add more jasmine to lift and sweeten the blend, as the chypre base has really deepened. This is the beauty of making artisan fragrances. The artistry evolves with the fragrance.

Please feel free to contact me at any time to discuss your fragrance choice. I love the opportunity to advise my patrons on the vintage that best suits their needs.


*vendage is old French for vintage

Screen shot 2018-03-08 at 12.08.00 AM



One thought on “Vendage (not bondage)…

  1. This is all so wonderful to know – that ‘more’ is more, and not – ‘less’ is more expensive. Very excited about the direction you are heading.

    It is also interesting to me that the fragrance batches do mature and change their predominant notes with age and with the seasons. I am just getting used to this, but can only deduce that the living breathing essences have a secret destination. Happy to go with the flux and flow.

    All the best to you in your fragrance laboratory.

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