Identity and the Flying Carpet

No matter how many holidays we take, how many 5-star hotels we enjoy, how many high performance cars and fancy restaurants we inhabit, life sometimes falls short of our fast-lane fantasies and is just plain dull. Boring. Flat. Drab. Tedious. Tiresome. A Slog. Void of Joy and just downright blahhh.

Some days we scrabble through our clothes, our shoes, our suits and ties, our jewellery, our makeup, or hair stuff and then we sigh. Nothing seems to make one iota of difference. Jeremy’s crying because Jemima pulled his lips off and Jacinta is covered in nutella (again). The damned dog’s barking, the car keys have disappeared (again) and the childcare centre just called to say that a chickenpox outbreak has happened. You wipe the nutella from Jacinta’s face, and you discover that yep.. it certainly has.

That long-anticipated meeting you were presenting to the team this morning is now kaput, and so is your aspiration to negotiate a pay rise. You stare out the window as Tomeeka from next door jogs past in her size 4 exercise couture. She flips her platinum pony over her shoulder and waves to you as she zips by. You hate her more than all the other stuff combined.

…and then… you remember.

Returning to your bedroom, you close the bedroom door and you take a big breath. As you exhale, you open your cupboard and you close your eyes. You clear your mind and relax your shoulders. You open your eyes.

Here, within the humdrum and all the whirling chaos of a Tuesday morning, standing silently sleek in the quiet gloom of a closed up cupboard in the ‘burbs, awaits the Narnia portal to all your greatest adventures. You already detect a hint of romance and seduction for all your (real and imagined) love affairs, you feel the wind in your hair, you put your foot down for a fast getaway to a languid lover’s rendezvous in the Summery South of Anywhere. Here, at your service, awaits all your heroes and heroines, all your bravery and your savoir faire. Your best future memories are at your finger-tips.

Choose your perfume.


Gentlemen Walking. (Humayun’s Tomb, New Delhi) TR ©2012



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