Touch to Anoint

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The most significant difference between eau de parfums and oil parfums is really quite simple. Eau de parfums frequently elicit the question ‘what perfume are you wearing?’ whereas my Touch to Anoint oil parfums attract the observation ‘You smell incredible’.

You do.


Oil parfums are truly the most beautiful medium for natural fragrances. Their application creates pure, scented velvet on the body. Oil parfums are all about sensuality, intimacy, aura, radiance, touch, texture, eros. The ritual of anointing one’s own skin with a silken ribbon of fragrant parfum oil is truly delicious.

Take your time to apply the fragrance, be generous, and massage the little pool of oil into your hands and forearms, your neck, your chest, wherever your human being desires.


You’ll discover the gorgeous sensation of pure emollience. The moment of restored reverence for being alive is palpable. You are Empress, Sultan, all the Gods and Goddesses.

Delight in this moment to remember your body and your aliveness. Leave your mind and all its noise and nonsense to the side. You are physical, organic. A living, breathing, sensual being. Celebrate your body. You can even add a few drops to your bath, and layer with eau de parfum.

Try the oil.

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