Something quite remarkable has happened to my new range of Aromatics in the final stages of their maceration – they have matured and become rich and full-bodied and long-lasting. They have developed into vibrant and potent fragrances that are as good if not better than many of my bestsellers. I’m certainly enthralled by them and have been rotating through them for several weeks and only visiting other fragrances just to compare longevity and sillage.

When I completed the four compositions around early December last year, I’d planned for them to spring to life in the cooling down season, which in Brisbane seems to happen later than anywhere else. I tested them frequently during the last days of Summer, and I found them to be delicious, delicate and refreshingly real. A couple of months later, I am stunned by their development, and have discovered that these are undoubtedly my favourite perfumes of all. They are beautifully balanced and quite complex. Each one delivers a fascinating story that lasts far longer than I ever imagined. They are moody.

I named each one in French, simply because they are styled in the manner of traditional French colognes, classically pure and natural scents.

TRNP Aromatics are bottled gardens:- sunlit meadows, dappled glades, cool groves by the creek and gently winding forest pathways. Peaceful, quiet sanctuaries of stillness away from all the noise.

Each fragrance in the Aromatics Range is a traditionally styled cologne in eau de parfum strength. Elegantly earthy chypres, they are moody and complex, not at all consistent with the familiar ‘fresh and cheery’ scents typically associated with this fragrance genre. These gorgeous scents take a long time to unfurl and linger beautifully.


Eau Naturel is a spicy woody chypre. My favourite perfume in the whole world, Eau Naturel features cold pressed lemon, masses of Sumatran aged patchouli, tolu balsam, Texan cedarwood and a chypre base of oakmoss, labdanum and bergamot. Eau Naturel delivers everything I really love about Coromandel minus the sugary vanilla syrup. A wonderfully refined patchouli fragrance – soft, airy and exotic, it blooms beautifully and is long-lasting. Seriously great for men and for women who comfortably exude an air of avant garde with aplomb. Sassy, earthy, real. Whenever you wear Eau Naturel, people will straightaway recognise that you’re an earthling. Born and bred!


Energique is Energising in English. This fragrance is ultra modern. It totally expresses the return of the Native… raw, real, sexy and powerful. It revives the senses as if it whisked you away for an Alaskan Winter in a cosy wood cabin, smoke tendrils curling from the chimney, fresh air, cold nights, glorious stars in the deep black velvet of night. Heaven on earth. Bergamot, cypress, Virginian cedarwood, Somali frankincense, Mysore sandalwood, Sumatran patchouli, elemi, vetiver and fir needle. Energique is handsome. Rugged, strong, fit… and so open-heartedly filled with life force energy that it inspires physical connection – to people and to places. It brings a potent sense of being totally grounded in strength and stamina. Personally, I love wearing this ‘manly’ fragrance, it brings a feeling of being earthed and safe when I wear it.


Calme Tranquille (Quiet Stillness in English) is filled with wildflowers and citrus blossoms harvested from the orchard. This lovely fragrance is a fresh, herbacious, floral and woody fragrance that evokes the glorious countryside. Calme takes you on a shady walk in the cool woods, on and out through wide green pastures, to the abundant colour and joy of a kitchen garden filled with edible herbs and radiant flowers. A vibrant orchard and sunlit meadows lie just beyond. A celebration of vitality.

Includes hand-tinctured Murraya Paniculata, Grapefruit, Bergamot, Egyptian Geranium, Kashmir Lavender, Neroli, Mimosa, Immortelle, German Chamomile, Roman Chamomile, Blue Tansy, Rosewood, Australian Sandalwood  and Spearmint. This fragrance is deeply replenishing and personally nourishing to the mind, body and spirit. The sillage is just right and the longevity surprisingly robust. It is not a heavy fragrance destined for glamour or romance, Calme is a reflective, replenishing, daytime cologne for men and women. When composing this particular aromatic, I imagined a radiantly healthy human being. A lover of Yoga, a Planet Earth-saving, tree-hugging, life-embracing and deeply compassionate soul in action.

Please note: – this fragrance name has been shortened to (nick-named) Calme in the black label and Tranquille in the white label. It is the same fragrance.


Petite Brise is the gentle breeze. This tender zephyr carries the delicious blossom scent of freshly picked Indian night-blooming jasmine, arm in arm with the crisp green snap of petitgrain, anchored by the creamy sweetness of Mysore sandalwood. A delicate yet totally unisex green floral fragrance that will lift the spirits of all humankind as you pass the corridors of industry on your way to bliss.


Aromatics are available now.




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