Thank you…


Just a word of gratitude to all the lovely customers that have supported me recently with purchases, feedback and advice on the re-branding of my product range. It’s taken a while, and a good measure  of *hair-tearing and a few printing mis-steps along the way (yes, a couple of truly awful printing firms that I would not recommend), but I’m finally photographing the entire range of TRNP fragrances dressed up in their new labels.

Due to the spatial challenges involved in designing labels for my vintage flacons (curved surfaces, raised and embossed areas, plus the very large number of fragrances in my collection), I decided to go with 3 brand labels, and use black or white recycled cotton tags for displaying the fragrance names.

Soon to join the 50ml flacons is a brand new 30ml spray atomiser. A lovely contemporary companion to the vintage flacons, these easily fit into busy life bags and satchels etc. The 30ml atomisers are labeled with individual fragrance names included (no tags).

*If anyone knows any good home remedies for bald spots, please get in touch!



TRNP circle for blog

5 thoughts on “Thank you…

    • Glad you like them BlueMoon. 🙂 I’ll probably need to photograph them all properly again, as I’m still waiting on the new tassels to arrive. Gold (edt), Bronze (edp) and black (Lusso). The oil parfums in the urn shaped flacons will all have ribbons eg Fleurs Sauvages/Rose Potion etc. But I couldn’t wait to try a few…

      The last lot of labels destined for the 30m atomisers are still en route from Germany. They match the dusty pink, black and white logo, and they each have the fragrance names included. It was just easier to fit them on the flat surface of the atomisers.

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  1. Ahhhh. These are a feast for the eyes. Calming, classy and contemporary. You’ve really scored with these. And the 30ml sprayers are my favourite.

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