Waddya mean Natural?

My perfumes are comprised of 2 parts:- a concentrated fragrance blend composed by me, and the perfume carrier. My fragrance blends are composed of numerous botanical ingredients that have been distilled or extracted or hand-tinctured. Next, I dilute my concentrated blend into a medium such as fractionated coconut oil, or alcohol, or filtered water, or my solid unguent base of organic beeswax and coconut oil. This then becomes the finished perfume.

My concentrated blends are exclusively composed from therapeutic-grade essential oils, alcohol solvent-extracted absolutes and resins, and hand-tinctured plant parts (such as flowers and vanilla beans etc). I do not use or include isolates, compounds, synthetics or ‘nature-identicals’. My fragrances are suspended in either oil, or ethanol (alcohol) softened with a small amount of filtered water. That’s all. No other additives are in the fragrance.

The diluents or carriers for my alcohol-based perfumes are 95PG, and fractionated coconut oil for pure parfums. 95PG is Perfumery Grade ethanol, which is widely used in pharmaceutical, cosmetic and beauty industries for all products across the spectrum of perfume, after shave, deodorant, hair care, lotions etc.

My raw materials come from a number of essential oils suppliers, most of whom are located here in Australia, although my Government-certified Mysore sandalwood comes from a traditional attar maker in north India.

Most of the tinctures I make are derived from raw materials that are either grown in our garden or sourced from generous friends with green thumbs.

Fractionated coconut oil comes from a lab in Victoria, I source my ethanol from a sugar cane ethanol manufacturer. My bottles fell from heaven.

The point to this story is, I have been a qualified clinical aromatherapist since 2002. (AIAS). If anyone wants to personally experience just how natural my perfume really is, please come on over and help me out by stirring that pot of melting organic beeswax from far north Queensland, then chop up those vanilla beans, shake that big jar of tincturing (roasted and finely ground) cacao beans, tear open the big new box of oils from Cheryl at Tanah, call Max at Escentials to find out when their new batch of violet leaf absolute will be in stock, check the DHL tracking to see if the sandalwood has left Singapore yet, and test that new batch of Bodhi to see if the Murraya tincture has softened enough to add the orange blossom absolute. We also have to filter the ground up tonka beans from their tincture solution and sun-dry the residue paste in that big flat African winnowing basket over there. I don’t waste anything that still smells beautiful. So we’ll add it into the next batch of incense once the alcohol has completely evaporated. Hmm, we’ll need to do that job first, because the sun is really baking down on the back deck and this is the very best time and place for it.

No animal testing.


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