Fragrantically speaking…

Painful though it was, I cut my last winter rose for her

She turned it inside out to see who the manufacturer was.

Spike Milligan. Open Heart University, 1979


Fragrantica has been so good to me, and especially I love beautiful Svetlana who manages the database. Endless gratitude to her for uploading so many of my fragrances.

Last year I stopped sending any new *releases to the fragrantica database. Being such a small indie perfumery, I don’t fit into the perfume brand-power paradigm of big business buckaroos. I have a micro-base of lovely customers and simply no connections on Wall Street, nor in UAE (except that one really crooked guy from Abu Dhabi). That’s OK, I accept my investment portfolio limitations, and I definitely know that, in spite of so much fiscal disadvantage, I still manage to make some very fine fragrances. So why not try and crack the code, somehow scrabble up the wobbly ladder of dizzying success to catch a glimpse of those glittering towers?

Mostly, because I believe there’s just far too much new perfume flooding the world, and I want to opt out of the frenzied consumer surge. It irks me to the core.

Many of my customers don’t know about fragrantica. They may have just found out about my perfume by word-of-mouth or smelled it on their sister-in-law at a birthday party, or recently looked up ‘natural perfume’ and somehow found me hiding deep down in the subterranean gloom of google’s dark dungeons. They usually take a leap of faith and try a tester or two before selecting a full bottle fave.

Most of my customers are not perfumistas, they’re just regular folks who like and even love my perfume. They apply it after a shower and then they get on with their day. They just somehow resonate with the way it makes them feel. It’s an ideal relationship, filled with good vibes. Most of my customers come back for another one a bit later on. They don’t need the whole collection, they’re happy to have one or two, or even a small few. This brings me so much pleasure. It’s balanced and sane and I like that a lot. There’s no hyper-ventilating, no mafia involvement, no tears at bedtime. Just a peaceful and joyous connection, and a warm fuzzy feeling that flows both ways. This is my idea of bliss.

I do have a couple of dearly cherished perfumistas, whose expert opinions I absolutely trust and mean so much to me.

Personal success – for me, is not about selling my soul just so I can rake in the dough. That’s just what the consumer gods want us to strive for. It’s incredibly stressful being owned by money. It eats into your sleep, and destroys your peace of mind. Yeah, you can buy lots of stuff, and fly around and eat at fancy restaurants and pose with important somebodies for selfies for your social media checklist. I was an over-indulged kid on the strength of my dad’s illustrious career as a master jazz musician. We traveled a lot, and schmoozed with the have-mores on their yachts up the Pearl river, and allowed the ‘gravy-maid’ to pour just a little more sauce for us at their rollicking harbour-side dinners. We stayed in grand hotels all over the place, (and some pretty shabby joints too I might add). So I understand the appeal, I really do. Yet, for me, that’s just not it. That’s not the end-goal. That’s just the trimmings. Real success, for me, is freedom. To choose one’s own destiny, and to follow bliss. That’s the path I choose. I also choose to use any success I might create to shine a little light, to make a tiny difference, not just keep buying more shoes. I like to go bare foot as much as I can.

Perfume-making, from top to bottom, is a blissful occupation – the whole experience of blending and testing and wearing it and entering the dream-scape that opens up through an encounter with beautiful scents.

I’m very grateful for all the kind and beautiful people that ever bothered to write a review and post it on fragrantica. You’ve been powerfully instrumental in reminding me to stay true to my bliss and to become the very best perfumer I can possibly be.

Thank you and blessings to you.



*TRNPs missing from the database: – Attar of Roses (original and reformulated), Ambrosia edp, Mary Jane edp, Chopin edp and oil parfum, Light edp and oil parfum, reformulated Rococo, Lemongrass edp, Calme Tranquille, Eau Natural, Energique, Petite Brise, Germaine, Bulgakov, Versailles, OM and Musk Batavia. My final 3:- Germaine, Bulgakov and Musk Batavia are macerating for my final Winter release. And then I’m done with new releases. There’s plenty of stock put aside for quite a few rainy days ahead.

Next stop…. refining and developing an effective, sustainable, indie business model that enables me to continue following my bliss.


7 thoughts on “Fragrantically speaking…

  1. Bittersweet. Those of us who love you and love your creations would of course wish for you to carry on and on and on….But you have provided a veritable bouquet of scents to love and collect and I, for one am so grateful. You must stay true to yourself and your passion. I have my collection which I hope to add to in years to come, and I will continue telling those in my “small world” of your work. For me, what you do is far above and beyond creating perfume. Your scents fill my life with beauty and healing. Choose your path and travel lightly.

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    • Blue Moon thank you for all your love and support. I have over 100 perfumes in my collection. Some are stashed away in the prive vault, and others are resting seasonally. 50 are currently in circulation on my website. There are many litres of TRNP perfume chilling in locked steel trunks in a concrete storage room. Enough to fragrance the Commonwealth Games. I don’t intend to stop, not by any means, I do intend to focus all my energies on raising a social enterprise that truly kicks ass in an emerging paradigm of sustainable, self-seeded business. I believe the old model is clutching at straws… like a dying fruit tree that gives out its biggest bumper crop just before it falls. I intend to stay standing and sing loudly. Happy to barter… trade, swap, teach, mentor (womantor), share, learn and fall down and get back up again… over and over. Love you x

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