…and after post-modernism? What then, Jacques? What shall we be?

Here, on the sunny surface of our planet, we are bathed in an endless amount of light. A potent atomic fuel that ignites and feeds botanical life from germination all the way to the sky. Plants just really dig it. Good old light.

Humans just really dig petroleum. We love crude oil… and all its fancy derivatives, coal too, and pretty much all the dense black stuff that settles in the cracks and right down in the very core of the planet. OMG diesel? yep, we’re loving’ it all. The good ol’ black stuff. We fly and drive around on it, we build roads and almost everything we use from it, cook with it, wrap food in it, sleep on it, wash up in it, dress in it, watch reality TV with it, lubricate ourselves with it and even slather it on our skin as lotions, creams and other sweet-smelling ideas. We just love the crude. By jingoes, we’d probably even kill for it.

Aside from a few other troubling planetary survival issues, the main problem with it is… we’re running out of the stuff. And that means a LOT of people are freaking out.

What’s gonna happen to my immortality retirement fund? How will I fly to Mars? How will I ever manage without moth-balls?

Remember that platitude about the tunnel? Y’know, the stuff we all hope to find at the end of all the darkness?

So….what shall we be? Photosynthesists.


Lights of Eire


photo – first lights of Ireland seen through the fog on the ferry coming from Fishguard. TR ©2005







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