I’ve been playing around with updating my branding, and I ordered some new labels and I tried a variety of designs.

I wanted to feel my way around several ideas and just sit with them for a while. It made me think more deeply about my inspiration and remember the style of perfume I compose.

It’s retro stuff. Powerfully inspired by so many things that have always fascinated me. The Enlightenment, the Golden Dawn, Theosophy, the hybridisation of Indian spirituality and European culture in the late 19th century. The Suffragette women’s movement, identity experiments, sexual creativity, daring fashions, industrialisation, bold changes in the world, so many big ideas and some diabolically bad ones too (eg World War I).


An entire era that coalesced in a dazzling jewel of multi-hued facets that glittered with the spirit of progress as it drove at break-neck speed into the 1920s. A whole wide world rushing headlong into new frontiers, and crashing spectacularly into the Great Depression. The opulence and the dire poverty of the times were underscored by an emerging intellectual freedom in the world; to arise and change the ways of the world. Art and cafe society were alive and kicking. And so was perfume… rapidly changing, becoming more complex, more sophisticated, plus moderne!

So, after reconnecting with the touchstone of my brand’s conceptual origins, I simply went back to my original design. The fonts I have used are emblematic of the art nouveau posters of Paris circa late 1800s. The curvy lines and hand-lettered texts are intertwined with the lotus flower. Lotus speaks to me of the kaleidoscopic wonders of Vedanta, Yoga, Ayurveda, Indian history, culture and and its myriad spiritualities. Lotus is a powerful symbol for me – a constant reminder that so many things in life must rise from the darkness of life’s muddy swamps and bloom, fragrant, beautiful, eternal.






4 thoughts on “Boop-boop-be-doo

  1. Logo resonators – constantly rising again from the sludge, being reborn, creatively re-charged, like the lotus on your label. It must be hard to keep your fragrance-laden canoe from running aground midst the constant buffets and waves of ‘do such n such’ for the sake of brand bandwidth AND “keep one’s head above water in order to be seen” .. but the LOTUS knows whats what, and having got that sorted aeons ago nothings gonna change for her any time soon. Wonderful to ruminate on that.

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