The Coolth

As the temperature drops here (oh yes, it’s so good), I have decided to reassign a number of my fragrances to a different category on my website. I’ve been thinking quite a lot about the various kinds of fragrances I make, and how they typically behave in different seasons and I came to the conclusion that most of my Summery florals are big and radiant in the heat and humidity, but they don’t have the stamina of my heavy amber orientals.


So… I have rehoused the lighter florals as Gossamer Wings. They are still the same ratios of fragrance to ethanol but they are now less expensive.

Earl-GreyEau de parfums are now called Eaux On Velvet and are also less expensive overall.


Screen shot 2018-04-13 at 2.27.37 PM

Oil Parfums are now named Touch to Anoint and are less expensive.They are available in 50ml frosted black glass with dripolater caps and can be used as perfume and also as bath oil. They are fantastic.

Blog banner lusso collex

My Lusso collection, by contrast, is more expensive because these incredible fragrances are in short supply and contain very expensive ingredients.

I’ve done away with the small fiddly bottles, they will only be used for combination gift sets and giveaways. It’s just time to clear the path and live a more streamlined life. I realised that this was the best way to offer a wide range of choices and also keep the collection tidy and better organised. I feel this configuration is just about right.

TRNP Teone Reinthal Natural Perfume Aromatics

Autumn Aromatics are now launched. These traditional, French-styled colognes are far more robust than eau de cologne. They behave in a manner more typically consistent with eau de toilettes and eau de parfums.

I feel they are some of the very best fragrances I’ve made. Why? I’ve just matured as a nose and become far more confident in expressing my own style of perfumery. I no longer feel anxious to prove that naturals can deliver. I would even go so far as to say that these fluids are not perfumes, per se, they are simply TRNP Aromatics. Each one delivers a fascinatingly complex story arc that ventures into many intriguing places. Memories, impressions, dreams, feelings, sensations, urges, imaginings and abstract impressions. Autumn Aromatics are utterly suited to creative, poetic, soulful earth-wanderers.

Currently, Eau Naturel is my personal favourite, closely followed by Energique, both of which are the most masculine scents in the collection. And yet, they are all great.

I have one last, incredibly airy floral to launch. It features a very large harvest of Murraya Paniculata blossoms that we have been gathering for days, and I’ve since been tincturing. I have created a ‘cordial’ of gardenia and jasmine on a woody base to lock this new floral into a radiant, airy and long-lasting bouquet. Just divine. Launch will happen in May.

I intend to be quiet now for a little while. I think I might just go outside and look at the world. The shop is open for business.

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