Featured fragrance:- Ambrosia

When I was a very small girl I went to stay with the elderly parents of a family friend on their sheep farm in Crookwell, NSW. It was Easter and I slept in a very tall feather bed and we woke before dawn to light the fire and boil the kettle on the old wood stove for tea and boiled eggs and toast. The farmer took me walking out in the frosty hills after breakfast to check on the sheep and their lambs, and to feed the chickens and look out for rabbits. He sometimes carried me on his shoulders and told me wondrous stories about all the fairies that lived around the farm and made special fairy rings in the night. Whenever we found any, he’d put me down and we’d both inspect the fairy rings and look around for more signs that they’d been dancing around.

His wife showed me how to make scones and roast lamb, and we picked carrots and flowers and roasted potatoes and baked cakes and we drove …bumpetty bump across the paddocks to visit the neighbours for tea on the next farm and take them some eggs. She read me some beautiful stories before I fell asleep in that giant feather bed. I was only 4 years old and yet, it’s still so vivid and magical and alive in my memories. I felt safe, and contented and fully alive. I wished they were my grandparents, but I never saw them again. Ambrosia perfume is my ode to those beautiful country people and that special time.

Ambrosia eau de parfum features cold-pressed Mandarin, Yuzu, Immortelle, Frangipani, Jasmine Grandiflorum, Violet Leaf, Hyacinth, Orange Blossom, Turkish Rose, Venezuelan Tonka beans, Amber and Spice accord. A gentle cool weather floral. Beautifully comforting and perfectly balanced.


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