Those patches and speckles on my Balinese double-petaled frangipani tell me it’s finally over. Loud and clear. She sheds her final tears as Summer packs his bags and waits for the Uber to take him to the other side of the world. Will he ever return? It’s been a very steamy love affair, the passion was intense, but all hot romances cool.

Balinese Frangipani

I’m gearing up to harvest the last Murraya blossoms of the season. The heat and humidity here today have been awful, and the rain clouds are pressing down on us with tremendous weight. The first drops to fall will summon the blossoms to open and release the most incredible fragrance in the rain. I hear the first rumblings of thunder. It’s coming.

This tincture will allow me to finish making a stunning floral fragrance featuring Egyptian geranium. I made a small, personal batch of 500mls with my previous stock of Jessamine (hand-tinctured Murraya blossoms with a few secret herbs and spices added). It is a perfect perfume, and my precious. I am begging this final display of floral fecundity to please help me recreate a larger stock of the most beautiful fragrance I’ve ever smelled. The one…

Murraya about to bloom

This Orange Jessamine (Murraya Paniculata) started her life here in the city as a tiny little one-leafed seedling I purchased from the 99c rack of plant babies at the local nursery. Look at her now!!

Murraya 2

…stay tuned!

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