Leaping Lizards

I’m sorry. I keep changing things. Perfumes keep coming and going. Prices are always changing. Hot sales, no sales. Discounts, full prices, little bottles, big bottles, boxes or bags? Ribbons or no?… Oh the chaos

I’m still just a new brand. I have created this teeny tiny house from a big vision, virtually no capital, the love and support of all my darlings at home, brave patronage and endless encouragement from a tight crew of swashbuckling adventurers at the frontier of blind-bought indie perfumery.

Recently I have been testing a LOT of top-notch commercial fragrances, engaging in some deep and esoteric discussions with a coterie of eloquent (fellow insomniac) perfumistas, all of which has pushed me out of the fog and helped me learn some important facts.

My work is good, and I’m just settling in.

I humbly thank the invisible hand of fate for patiently picking me up and setting me back on the path each time I take a tumble.

I see it now, a clearing there, just through the trees. There’s golden shafts of sunlight streaming in. The cicadas are in full concert and the moon is already rising.

Screen shot 2018-01-21 at 4.35.13 PM


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