Giveaway UPDATE

It’s a great big blue/red/super moon with an eclipse. And it’s pouring rain and we can’t see the moon at all. Sigh….

I decided to use to choose the winner and I asked Mischa (my son) to call out a number between 1-12. He chose number 11.

I added everyone’s name to the randomiser and asked it to reorder the list.

Number 11 is Rianartemis. Congratulations!. Please send me your address by email and I will send your prize on Friday.

Thank you everyone for entering. I don’t like to disappoint, so I decided to host an exciting 50% off sale on my full range of Limited Editions. I have new labels coming soon, and I thought now’s a great time to share the love on my amazingly beautiful artisan range of Limited Editions as I won’t be including them in my new packaging and labels (they are too scarce to warrant having big print runs) so they will have the original labels. These fragrances are rare and precious treasures.


Thanks everyone that entered, there will be more giveaways to come… I promise!


Earthlight 5




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