Hard Core Colognes


I’ve decided to launch a new range of fragrances:- ‘Nature Lovers‘ which are – in theory – a little bit along the lines of Guerlain’s Aqua Allegorians – less expensive splash or spray colognes (30ml spray atomisers/$45 and 100ml splash-on/$100) that bring great joy and refreshment for less money than my uber-luxe edps and parfums.

How? Nature Lovers are exclusively made with pure essential oils, resins and tinctures. No super-costly floral absolutes.

Why? I just believe there’s really a place for beautiful, affordable all-natural colognes that really serve to refresh, revive, resuscitate, rejuventate, re-energise, replenish, revitalise, restore, re… I’m running out of ‘re…’ words.

These will probably totally appeal to men, and also to women who really love the raw and potent scents of trees and fresh herbs. They are perfect in hot weather, fab’ after a hard day’s work or workout.

Nature Lovers behave very well, in that they don’t just waft off after ten minutes but definitely sit closer to the skin than most synthetic fragrances. These colognes project discreetly in corporate environments, they won’t irritate others but definitely imbue the wearer with a subtle radiance and fresh appeal.

“Gosh, Mr Marabito sure smells good.”



Screen shot 2018-02-10 at 2.16.39 PM


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