Sword of Damocles

Every day I receive offers of SEO support from web-savvy developers who seem to love rubbing my nose in the fact that my website ranks down in the dumps of google (and whatever those other search engines are called). Some emails are very polite and others are just rude and shabby. My responses are varied – delete or ignore.

Why? The answer is simple and yet, also a little bit complicated. I don’t want to force it.

Although I’m a prolific hand-maker of things, I lack ambition. I deeply accord with the healer archetype and not the hunter. I reject all that adrenalised hype and pressure of jostling for first place; my head is ill-shaped for the twitter crown of economic rationalism. Some of the hidden costs of top ranking include increased economic scrutiny via targeted attacks from scammers and hustlers and shonks – all of which have had a go at my expense, other websites claiming to stock and sell my products (they don’t) and many disgruntled Americans – ‘where do I get this in the US? or Waddya mean you DON’T ship to the US?’ etc). To which I reply… ‘there’s already so much natural (and *cough* unnatural) perfume in America. Here’s a list of well-considered brands for you to check out…Have a Nice Day’

I need to survive, but I’m not very sales driven. I realise that such a bizarre reluctance runs counter to the capitalist obsession with ‘get-more, have-more and brag-more‘. Yet, our planet is becoming a husk. A galactic tumbleweed. It is heartbreaking and terrifying to me.

Perfumes and CrystalSo, I’m happy to languish on level -055 of Google’s ranking race. I’ll continue to write socially acerbic diatribes at the risk of utterly demolishing my serene perfumer persona. Whatever reviews or positive endorsements may have come so fortunately my way are truly remarkable, and as they fade into the sunset, I will still be chugging along – stirring, sniffing and swooning to myself.

TRNP is my bliss; I hope to enjoy making small batches of beautiful natural perfume for as long as I have a nose. I’m deeply grateful that a few gorgeous human beings on the planet like (and even love) some of my creations. I deeply appreciate their patronage more than I can ever express.

The ingredients I use are precious and ecologically fragile to the point that I totally reject the concept of up-scaling just so I can gain more personal comfort and prestige. That’s not me. I’ll continue to learn how to craft my own luxuries. I’ve been blessed by the true luxuries of abundant creative inspiration, resourceful thinking, careful planning, blending skill and the extraordinary gift of time.

Next to clean water, enough food and safe shelter for my beautiful family, they are the greatest treasures I’ll ever know.



-top photo from The Serpent’s Book of Lamentations a 3 act play written and directed by Teone Reinthal ©2016

– other photos of early, one-off fragrances (some in hand-painted bottles)



5 thoughts on “Sword of Damocles

    • Thank you. We seem to have a lot in common. I love your blog. I would love to swap stories and scents with you but it’s hard to overcome the tyranny of distance. I think I want to step into some of the images on your blog and meet you and hold out a flacon or two and say ‘sniff this’ and experience your fae scent magic and talk about drama and mystery. There’s some more brief stuff about that play under rants and raves – look for LAMENTATIONS sub’d under RESEARCH. I would love to produce it again with older actors. It was incredible to have the actors that performed SBoL but some of the text was outside the reach of the ages they were at the time (21 – 25). Complex and challenging play. I used an aromatherapy diffuser in the theatre – hoping to mask some of the old theatre funk and also create a scentscape of forests and dreams. How about you?

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      • wow – I love this! “tyranny of distance” – it is a pity. but who knows? Forests and dreams… speaking of which, do you know the blog Myth and Moor? The web home place of Terri Windling – writer and editor. You might enjoy her. I have not explored theater and scent much but I love the idea of it. I have a show in mind, so much to be done with that. I guess with naturals it would have to be a smaller space…

        “mask an old theater funk” what cruel punishment for a perfumer! Ok I must get on this day. I am traveling… More soon!

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