Orange Jessamine

2018. It’s tincturin’ time again.

The Muraya Paniculata (Mock Orange or Orange Jessamine) that I planted from a seedling is 4 metres tall and wide and in full bloom. I planted it in the ground very close to the back verandah and never imagined I’d be able to stand on the upstairs verandah and touch the blooms. It’s so big…. and the fragrance is incredible.



I’m reconstructing a fougere called Jessamine that also includes hand-tinctured tonka beans. The other ingredients featured are Egyptian Geranium as well as Kashmir Lavender with oakmoss and patchouli. Once the Muraya tincture is ready I’ll add that and possibly some Italian Neroli to highlight the freshness of the citrus blossoms. This fragrance will be a limited edition (2 litres) eau de parfum.

Delectable! – here’s one I prepared earlier (circa 2012)




7 thoughts on “Orange Jessamine

    • and I can’t wait until the Night Blooming jasmines are big enough to tincture… waiting waiting waiting. Do you still have any of the Fiori D’Arancio and if yes – how is it after such a long maturation (my question mark key is broken)

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  1. Looks great! My home is often surrounded by this flower during the summer, and I once mistook it for Jasmine. It smells crisp and sweet I am looking forward this beautiful scent.

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