What if…?

To sale or not…? now that is a very good question. In order to answer that question I must examine the trajectory of my (pre)occupation as a perfumer.

Perfumista-self hungered for all the fragrances in the world and Gollum’d around in a black chasm of desire. She never set limits or learned when enough was enough.

Artist-self made (and endlessly made and made and made) more perfume. The creative discoveries were invaluable and the results profoundly rewarding on so many levels. Her DIY lessons in perfumery emerged from every fragrance she ever concocted. ‘What if?’ led the way as a bright light of inspiration through every dark tunnel of mystery. I pushed on past my limits of the ‘known’ territory into the unknown. The curiously impulsive pairing of my perfumista-artist selves yearned to venture deeper into the glittering underground caverns of perfumes that existed far beyond the known.

The fragrance collection grew and grew. Several years of experimenting had honed my skills at blending and granted more discernment to recognise what worked and why. A vast landscape of oversized amber glass flasks claimed all shelf space and cupboard space and table space and floor space. I enlisted the help of many IKEA storage solutions and over filled the perfume fridge to bursting. Galvanised steel trunks began stacking up – all filled with more perfume stock in reserve.

Enter Merchant-self pleading ‘STOP MAKING!’… there’s no more space. There’s too many bottles and fragrant options. The product range is too wide. Step back. Refine. Revise. Reduce.

Something has to give.

Looking outside I’m told that prestige brands such as Chanel et al do NOT sale (unless Myer forces them to… shock horror). It is beneath the brand. Unspeakable, a grave sin in the world of haute parfum. Despicable.

And yet… in the whirling flurry of activity that often occurs during a sale, there are numerous benefits. Some people get to try out a new natural fragrance that they have long wondered about. Some special gifts are suddenly made possible. Joy is generated and… we survive. We being:- my family, the families of my printer, my bottle makers and suppliers, the familes of my essential oil distillers, their gardeners, all our couriers, the postal service and various other diligent human beings whose lives depend on trade. TRNP is not a multi-national behemoth, it is a home-spun artisanal perfume studio that hums along and is beautifully supported by a wonderful community of cherished patrons – many of whom become dear friends.

My current oil parfum sale comes at the request of my inner merchant. She intends to decrease the range by discontinuing quite a number of fragrances in order to ‘refine, revise and reduce’ the unwieldy bulk of too much and too many. Her goal is to reduce the collection down to approximately 15 best-sellers.

…and I must acknowledge that less is more. I’m in this for the long-haul and I embrace progress.

CEO-self says ‘Elegant sufficiency is best’.


Onwards and Upwards. New Delhi TR ©2012



3 thoughts on “What if…?

  1. I totally get this. Interesting- when I looked at the photo it looked like the stairs were going down. Then I saw them as up. Hmmmmm. Wonder what that says about me. Vodka glass half empty?

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