Recipe for Today

2018. Another page turns and a new chapter begins… What dost thou hold?

lotus in glod frame

Recipe for the Letting Go Blend This aromatherapy mixture brings a feeling of blessed relief, the joy of letting go, disengaging, completion, discharging the tension of conflict and disappointment, the ritual cleansing that comes with endings, seeing through the fog of failure to the clarity of lessons within challenge.

Blend 2 drops of Rosewood essential oil, 5 drops of highest quality Bergamot essential oil, 10 drops of Pink Grapefruit essential oil, 4 drops of Roman Chamomile and 6 drops of Kashmir Lavender (wild-crafted/high altitude). Mix in a (preferably glass) spray mist bottle and top up with 50 – 100mls of pure filtered cool water. Can also be used in a diffuser or 10 drops added to the bath.

Spray your face, inhale and spray your whole self, your work or living space and especially your pillow before you climb into bed. Brings the sweetest sleep and a feeling of total calm. Great for lifting depression and EXCELLENT for signifying to your own mind body and soul – the completion of a particularly hard chapter of work.


FLAVOUR OF THE MONTH. Peppermint Gum or ‘Eucalyptus Dives’ is one of my favourite essential oils, its elegant subtleties bring a cool, clear, silvery penetration of freshness to the mind, body and soul.

Peppermint gum creates an enlivening breeze which encapsulates the enormous freedom and space of the Australian bush.

The potency of this oil conjures the wonder of dawn in a dense eucalypt forest, where dew-sparkling spider webs reveal themselves to be draped everywhere in the crimson haze of the sun appearing through the forest mists.

aromtaherapy + crystal



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