Precious Embers

It’s the last day of the year. I’m thinking ahead and wishing it was cool & comforting Autumn already. I know Summer’s awesome – unless you live in a sauna in Brisbane!!

I really want to make the next batch of Embers so it can mature in the cellar for a good few months. It’s critical to prepare one well in advance so it’s just plumping up and going all caramel and yummy in the dark while no-one’s looking (sniffing).

I’m inviting pre-sales to assist with purchase of the expensive and precious Mysore sandalwood and Rose Damascena. If anyone would like to chip in and assist with my sort of home-spun ‘crowd-funding’ for the next batch of Embers, I will return the investment 2-fold. Whatever you invest in raw materials earns you double that amount in finished stock. So if you chip in $50 – you’ll receive $100 worth of Embers (batch 4). Essentially this means if you pre-order Embers – you receive a 50% discount.

If you have any compulsion to become an Embers patron, please message me and I’ll send you a pre-order pack (paypal request for your nominated amount and a promisory note for stock when ready for use – Easter 2018). ALSO – I’ll be making Embers eau de parfum and Embers oil parfum – both glorious. Click here to read some reviews on Fragrantica


Everybody stay safe and be nice tonight. Have a ton of fun. xx

Teone Reinthal Natural Perfume Embers

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Tincturing the vanilla beans for Embers



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