Teone Reinthal


For the sake of clarity:-

– I’m an introverted artist with a creative background in community development.

– You’ll rarely find me at soirees; people+booze frightens me.

– I deeply appreciate being paid for my work, but I’m not driven to chase money.

– I don’t network or small-talk very much. I love making perfume and being in quiet, contemplative/creative states and peaceful places.

– I only wear my own perfume, it ticks all the boxes and I know what’s in it.

– I don’t rant about naturals versus synthetics, I’m focused on composing beautiful perfume. Not remedies, not elixirs, no angels or ascended masters helped me (well, none that I’m aware of).

– I make no therapeutic claims about what my perfumes will or can do for you.

– I’m a demanding nose and I require my fragrances to be seamlessly blended, to arouse wonder in the wearer and create sufficient longevity and sillage.

– I am not a member of any perfume guilds, foundations, committees, forums, clubs or societies.

– I choose not to enter competitions or contests, I don’t agree that art is contestable, I believe that art stands on its own merits.

– TRNP fragrances are not sold or distributed by any other businesses, individuals or retail outlets. They are limited edition works of art exclusively available from me.

William Blake said I must create a system, or be enslaved by another man’s. I will not reason and compare: my business is to create.

– I love that.