Artist’s Statement

My perfumes are really old-fashioned, for 2 reasons:-
1. I love the way perfume smelled a long time ago, and how I imagined it smelled even longer times ago.
2. I exclusively use botanical ingredients. I don’t have access to a whole range of aroma-chemicals that are generally associated with big, bright and airy modern fragrance. Mine are bricks with eyes.
I don’t eschew synthetic ingredients because I’m filled with fear and loathing of them per se, I just don’t have any formal training as a perfumer, so I don’t have a clue what ISO Super E is… or how to use it. I studied clinical aromatherapy and I’m trained in working with plant-based aromas, so it’s an entirely practical choice for me to work with what I know. Having said that, I don’t make perfume that smells like aromatherapy blends. I make perfume that smells like perfume did in the 1920’s, 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. Many people living today have fully transcended such heavy, dense and obvious scents. Not me.
22228471_1078330188935975_7127039707618455056_nContrary to the idea that bigger is better and getting more is ‘de rigueur’, I make only enough perfume to sustain the wardrobes of a few curious and courageous folk that somehow find their way into my gypsy caravan. Many of my patrons probably got distracted and wandered down an alley whilst looking for the all the other folks who were swanning around in commercial perfume’s big top tent. It’s a pretty mysterious world of dazzling wonders inside this carnival tardis. Years can go by.
My perfume is really just soul food.
Come on in…. take yer shoes off and let’s get started.
Where you from?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is natural perfume?

Fragrances made from natural ingredients such as essential oils and absolutes.  Some incorporate handcrafted tinctures created by the perfumer.

What’s the difference between natural perfume and commercial perfume?

Commercial perfumes are mass produced and include synthetic aroma-chemicals.  When these perfumes list notes of rose or sandalwood for example, they contain very little or NO actual rose or sandalwood.  These notes are created from synthetic aroma compounds created in the laboratory.

Wan Chai 2

Why are natural perfumes so expensive?

The materials used are expensive. Many natural fragrances utilize rare natural extracts that are costly and difficult to source.

Why are some of the perfumes colored?  Do you dye them?

I do not dye or color, mother nature does!  Many natural essences are brightly colored, just as many flowers are brightly colored.  When working with these colored botanical ingredients, the perfume takes on its hue.  If wearing a dark colored perfume, I recommend spritzing before dressing.


What are solid perfumes?

Created from wax and oil and have a balm like consistency.  They are perfect for travel (no spills) and great for discreet application throughout the day.  They wear close to the skin and never overpower the wearer, making them perfect for work wear.

Screen shot 2017-09-02 at 2.56.25 PM

What is the shelf life of natural perfumes?

Ideally approximately 2-3 years.  After this time, it doesn’t go “bad,” merely the top notes tend to dissipate over time.

What is the best way to store my perfume?

I recommend storing in a cool dark place away from heat, humidity and light.  This will help maintain its original state.

Do natural perfumes last as long on the skin as synthetic perfumes?

In a word, no.  Natural perfumes wear for a few hours and then need to be reapplied at the wearer’s discretion.

Are your perfumes organic?

While I utilise many organic materials in my perfumes they are not 100% organic.

Do you ever discontinue a perfume?  If so, why?

Being a small, independent perfume house means I create my products in small batches (1-5litres).  Occasionally I will be forced to discontinue a product if I have difficulty in obtaining a particular component.

Do you offer samples?

I offer samples for sale on this website.  I am not able to offer free samples of artisan perfumes due to the cost of the ingredients, but I do include free samples with most orders.

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